20 Best Italian Memes That’ll Make You Say “Mamma Mia”!

We’ve taken the time to curate a list of the best Italian memes that’ll make you say “mamma mia!”

Italian memes are the best, they’re so funny and relatable, and they’re all about food.

Chameleon Memes has rounded up some of our favorite Italian memes for you to enjoy!

1 – CCTV’S in USA vs CCTV in UK

CCTV in USA and UK vs Italy

2 – Protection in USA vs Protection in Italy

Condoms in America vs condoms in italy

3 – Italian Nuclear Tests Be Like…

4 – Italian Breaking Bad

How Italian cook crystal meth
Source: knowyourmeme

5 – How Italian cops leave parking tickets

How Italian cops leave parking ticket

6 – Just Italian couple holding hands

How Italian couples hold hands
Source: dailydot

7 – This is how Italian people applause

How Italian people applause
Source: blog.imgur

8 – An Italian sleep

How do people sleep in italy
Source: runt-of-the-web

9 – An Italian joint

How to smoke weed is pasta

10 – How to arrest Italian people

11 – Kidnapping an Italian be like

How to kidnap an Italian
Source: starecat

12 – A delicious army


13 – Trees in Italy be like…

14 – How do Italian…

15 – Italian navy

Italian Navy
Source: reddit

16 – Pizzatropper

pizza paratroopers

17 – Italian Wifi be like

Italian Wifi
Source: reddit

18 – Normal vs Italian

19 – Language barrier

Petting a german dog
Source: memedroid

20 – Copying Italian food

21 – Water in Italy

Water in Italy
Source: memedroid

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