15 Johnny Sins Memes You’ll Only Get If You’re Dirty Minded

If you’re a fan of the adult entertainment industry, you already know who Johnny Sins is. He’s the face of Brazzers, the world’s biggest adult entertainment website, and he’s become a worldwide sensation thanks to his iconic look, sense of humor, and of course his talent

As you can imagine, this has led to the creation of a multitude of Johnny Sins memes that are sure to make you giggle if you’re a bit of a dirty-minded person. From funny captions to hilarious photoshops, here are 20 Johnny Sins memes that you’ll only appreciate if you have a bit of a dirty mind.

1 – The Legend

2 – Motivational Quote by Johnny Sins

don't stop when you're tired
Source: memedroid

3 – Meanwhile at an abortion clinic

girl commits abortion and credit card declines
Source: imgflip

4 – When you get bro zoned

I like you like a bro
Source: keepmeme

5 – Somethin is wrong in this picture

Jhonny Sins mopping plant
Source: memedroid

6 – People before 1920

money counting machine was invented in 1920
Source: 9gag

7 – Not all officers are bad

officer comforting a woman
Source: knowyourmeme

8 – Salute the doctor

several nurses at the hospitalare pregnant
Source: ifunny

9 – Teachers be like “You can be anything in life”

teachers says you can be anything in life

10 – Jhonny Sins Goal

tell me his name
Source: knowyourmeme

11 – Greatest bald actors ever

the greatest bald actors
Source: memedroid

12 – Why he is the most talented guy on the planet

the most talented guy alive on the planet
Source: knowyourmeme

13 – The class be like…

what is this mans occupation
Source: ebaumsworld

14 – When you finish eating doritos

when your finished eating Doritos

15 – Free real estate face be like…

women exists its free real estate
Source: knowyourmeme

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