20 Resignation Letters That’ll Make You Quit Your Job Today

Here are 20 hilarious resignation letter memes that’ll tempt you to write a resignation immediately

When you’re considering resigning from your job, you might feel like you don’t have anything good to say. There’s nothing quite like a resignation letter that’ll make you laugh. Whether it’s a clever take on the classic “I quit” letter or a more tongue-in-cheek approach, these hilarious resignation letters are sure to make you smile.

To highlight how satisfying it can be to quit your job, Chameleon Memes has put together list of the funniest Resignation Letters ever written

1 – Short & Sweet

bye bye sir
Source: adthejokester

2 – Keep it simple

Enough is enough
Source: twitter

3 – Be clear with the time period

4 – How to resign like a pro

How to resign like a pro
Source: reddit

5 – Savage Resignation!

I have chosen this type of letter
Source: imgur

6 – When you wanna resign but also you are scared

I have gotten a new job
Source: twitter

7 – To the point

I quit on page 1

8 – Loud & Clear

I quit
Source: reddit

9 – A happy quitter

Im a quitter
Source: twitter

10 – To whom it may concern

Imma head out
Source: reddit

11 – Mic Drop Moment

mic drop
Source: careeraddict

12 – A public resignation

13 – Flush it down!

Name plate flushed
Source: reddit

14 – A creative resignation

Please accept my Twix notice
Source: instagram

15 – How to say keep your job in the most politest way possible

Stick your job up your
Source: aubtu

16 – A-Well-a everybody’s heard about the bird!

this bird has blown
Source: reddit

17 – A Resignasaurus

18 – Another public resignation

19 – Resignation with emoji

Yo ill be done on the 25th
Source: reddit

20 – A poetic resignation

A poetic resignation
Source: imgur

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