16 Funny Historical Facts That Are Too Funny to Forget

The Lighter Side of the Past: Funny Historical Facts That Will Make You Laugh

We tend to think of the past as a much more serious place. The modern world might be full of absurdities, but history has its fair share of funny moments that prove life was always a bit quirky. Take, for example, the hilarious tale of Persian king Xerxes. “Infuriated when a storm destroyed his bridge across the Dardanelles, Xerxes ordered his soldiers to punish the sea by whipping it with chains 300 times and poking it with red-hot irons. Handcuffs were also tossed into the water to symbolize the sea’s submission to his authority” according to Redditor _Norman_Bates. These funny historical facts remind us that the past had its share of comedic blunders and unexpected humor.

These funny historical facts were curated from a question on the subReddit “r/AskReddit” titled “Which event from history will always be funny?” posted by the user crooked_yellow. This question brought forward countless anecdotes that show history isn’t just about wars and politics but also about moments that could easily be turned into history memes. From leaders making absurd decisions to unexpected events that left people in stitches, these stories are too funny to forget.

So, while we often view history through a lens of seriousness, it’s important to remember that humor has always been a part of the human experience, making the past a little more relatable and a lot more entertaining.


Ancient Korea - Funny Historical Facts
Source: lankymjc



During the Mexican American war there was one particular battle - Funny Historical Facts
Source: korar67


During the Napoleonic wars a French ship sank - Funny Historical Facts
Source: korar67



In 1945 the Americans were pushing through Germany. - Funny Historical Facts
Source: SayNoToStim


In 1982 cartoonist Gary Larson drew a cartoon  - Funny Historical Facts
Source: doublestitch



In the Spanish Civil War - Funny Historical Facts
Source: Maso_TGN


In WWII the Germans built a fake airfield - Funny Historical Facts
Source: fly1away



Potatoes were not very popular as a food in France - Funny Historical Facts
Source: SuvenPan



The Emu war - Funny Historical Facts
Source: iam4r33



When Persian king Xerxes punished the sea - Funny Historical Facts
Source: _Norman_Bates


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