20 “Construction Memes” Coming Directly From The Site

A hilarious and clever collection of construction memes from the deepest parts of the internet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a construction worker or not a construction worker these Construction Memes are definitely going to make your day.

There are many interesting & boring aspects of construction, so it’s very important to have some humor element in the mix. Weather you’re at home, office or at a construction site these Construction Memes compiled by Chameleon Memes are the perfect way to cheer up anyone…

1 – A philosophical construction worker

As one door closes another one opens
Source: facebook

2 – A deep relationship between construction industry and swearing

Construction industry
Source: thechive

3 – How to recognize a construction worker

Construction worker you'll recognize him from a distance
Source: hookagency

4 – Why some construction workers don’t wear goggles

I don't use safety goggles
Source: thechive

5 – Tetris game is very important for construction workers

Stop playing tetris they said
Source: quotesgram

6 – You have to be very creative on a construction site

If it looks stupid but works
Source: facebook

7 – When its a hot day on a construction site

Its just too hot
Source: hookagency

8 – Construction workers after sitting for 2 seconds

No matter how you work your boss will arrive when you're sitting
Source: facebook

9 – When OSHA inspector leaves

Osha inspector leaves
Source: thechive

10 – Pipe fitters be like…

Pipe Fitters be like
Source: hookagency

11 – Neighbors are the real supervisors

That neighbor who likes to check how the work is going
Source: thechive

12 – Somebody didn’t think this through

This is a good spot for your roof vent
Source: hookagency

13 – Why roadworks takes forever to complete

This is why road work takes forever to complete
Source: facebook

14 – Construction workers will use anything to get the job done

Use your demons to your advantage
Source: facebook

15 – Here’s a construction joke

Wanna hear a joke on construction worker
Source: imgflip

16 – When you don’t understand the gravity of the situation

What could go wrong
Source: pinterest

17 – When you finally convince your boss

When you convince the boss that its 2 peoples job
Source: memedroid

18 – Pray!

When you hear your apprentice fall meme
Source: thechive

19 – When the new guy is not experienced enough

When you realize the new guy may not be as experienced as he says he is
Source: facebook

20 – Work Smarter Not Harder

Work smart not hard
Source: thechive

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