20 Funny Job Interview Memes With A Pinch Of Honesty

Stupidest But Honest Job Interview Memes That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Interviews are stressful. There’s no way around it. The process is nerve-wracking, and there’s a lot that can go wrong at any point in the process and we at Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of the stupidest funny job interview memes that can prove it.

1 – Coke or Pepsi?

2 – When they ask you about police records

Do you have a police record
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3 – Interview for a waiter position

Do you think you'd be a good waiter
Source: hoellenqualle

4 – The opening questions be like…

How would you describe yourself
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5 – Honest Interview

6 – What are your strengths?

7 – Tell us about yourself

8 – When they throw Maths questions at you

If earth rotates 30 times faster
Source: chameleonmemes

9 – Interview at an IT company

10 – When you dont get the response

Its been 4 years since my job interview
Source: hoellenqualle

11 – Sarcasm doesn’t get you anywhere

Sarcasm doesn't get you anywhere
Source: CleverIsSexy

12 – Soo tell us about yourself…

So tell us about yourself
Source: CleverIsSexy

13 – When they ask you about your motivations

So what are your motivations
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14 – So where do you see yourself in five years

So where do you see yourself in 5 years
Source: CleverIsSexy

15 – Demonstrating special skills

16 – Shhh

17 – When you hit it out of the park in the opening question

What's your name
Source: hoellenqualle

18 – Why do you want this job?

Why do you need this job
Source: CleverIsSexy

19 – When you are quick at mathematics

20 – When you demonstrate your photoshop skills

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