20 “When You Lie On Your Resume But Still Get The Job” Memes

Here are 20 times where people and animals lied on their resume but still got the job

A lot of people lie on their resume. It’s just a fact of life.

Some people lie about their credentials and experience to make themselves sound more qualified for the job. Others lie about their age to look like they have more experience than they actually do. And some people even lie about their salary, to try and get a higher paying job than what they are currently making.

A lot of people lie on their resumes and think it is okay to lie on your resume to get the job. But once they are hired they know that they are not qualified enough for the job this leads to the funniest “When You Lie On Your Resume But Still Get The Job” Memes

1 – When you lie on you Resume and still get the job

Avril meme

2 – Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Body building competition
Source: knowyourmeme

3 – When you still cat the job

cat as police dog
Source: awwmemes

4 – Looks like a relaxing job

Cat as statues
Source: knowyourmeme

5 – Cat Commando

Cat commando
Source: knowyourmeme

6 – When they put you to work with no training

7 – When you lie about your computer skills

computer mouse meme
Source: ahseeit

8 – When you get the job done

cycle and scooter meme
Source: knowyourmeme

9 – Its A Dwag Move

dog as construction worker
Source: imgflip

10 – From Bow Wow to Quack Quack

Dog as duck
Source: knowyourmeme

11 – If you want to be a lion you have to dress up like one

dog dressed as lion
Source: awwmemes

12 – You need a don-key to ride this

donkey parked in bike parking

13 – Not A Pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin meme
Source: ahseeit

14 – Me in my resume vs me in real life

15 – Dalmatians!

kid dresses as Dalmatian dog
Source: knowyourmeme

16 – When you get a job in the K9 unit

17 – Who hired him,?

Star wars job meme

18 – The Brake Specialist

the break specialist
Source: ebaumsworld

19 – Unexperienced Sheepdog On First Day Of Job

when you lied on your resume about sheepdog experience
Source: dopl3r

20 – People who lie about experience on Resumes

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