25 Classical Art Memes That Will Make You Appreciate Fine Art

Check out the 25 Funny As Hell Classical Art Memes That Will Rekindle Your Love For History

Classical art memes are images of famous paintings or sculptures with humorous captions. So if you’re looking for a good laugh, why not check out some classical art memes?

Classical art has been around for a long time, but it’s never felt more fresh or relevant than it does right now. Classical art memes is a great way to learn about art history and to appreciate the works of famous artists in a new and fun way. And they’re also just plain funny.

We’re not saying that we don’t love classical art—we do! We just think that the only way to make these historical artifacts more accessible to everyone is by turning them into hilarious classical art memes.

And that’s just what Chameleon Memes has done with some of the favorite pieces of classical art from the past. We hope you enjoy them!

1 – We are all dying

Am I Dying Funny Meme
Source: Gedogfx

2 – Everyone has done this…

But mooom
Source: imhotepie

3 – When you’re trippin…

Dude Am I Trippin
Source: Gedogfx

4 – A Kung-Fu Standoff

I know kung fu
Source: arrow258

5 – Me on my CV

Me on my CV
Source: Mordelaine

6 – That moment when you’re about to join the revolution

That moment when you're about to join revolution
Source: Gedogfx

7 – That’s not what I meant

This is not what i ordered
Source: Nagevmi

8 – Trying to be open minded be like…

Trying to be open minded
Source: Nagevmi

9 – When the kid wakes up

When the kid wake up
Source: Gedogfx

10 – When the lights come on…

When the lights come on in the club
Source: Gedogfx

11 – Disrespecting the museum signs

12 – When the teacher asks a question

When the teacher ask a question
Source: Gedogfx

13 – Yeah!

When you check your answers after the exam
Source: Mordelaine

14 – Stopping dog since…

When you drop something and your dog tires to eat it
Source: Gedogfx

15 – Classic fancy dress parties be like…

16 – When you just got a new country

when you just got a new country
Source: Gedogfx

17 – When you just sat down and somebody calls your name

18 – When you run for 10 minutes

When you run for 10 seconds
Source: imhotepie

19 – When she says “I have a boyfriend”

When you save her from the fire
Source: Nagevmi

20 – Heart in mouth moment

When you tap your pockets and cant feel your phone
Source: imhotepie

21 – When you in party mood

When your friends tell you to stop drinking
Source: Nagevmi

22 – Grandma be like…

When your grandma slips you some money
Source: Nagevmi

23 – That moment when…

When you're halfway through the way of playing monopoly
Source: Gedogfx

24 – Why don’t you paint a picture, it’ll last longer..

Why don't you paint a  picture
Source: Gedogfx

25 – Just soo original

Wow an arrow so original
Source: imhotepie

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