25 Egg Memes That Will Crack You Up!

Shell-Shocked Laughter: Egg Memes That Are Egg-stremely Hilarious!

You all may have noticed that there is shortage of eggs and because of which the egg prices have suddenly skyrocketed. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current average price for a carton of eggs is just over $4 a carton. The major reason there is shortage of eggs is because of the avian flu that is wiping out egg-producing hens.

These days before buying the a carton of eggs, we’re all searching for the price tags instead of cracked eggs. While this whole egg situation has become eggspensive it has also made way for some funny egg memes. So, if you are missing out on your favorite Omlette or perfectly done scrambled eggs, we have a perfect way to cheer you up with hilarious egg memes.

1 – A guys gotta make money

A guys gotta make money - egg memes
Source: Brandon Lang

2 – When the budget of recipe goes overboard

Add 6 eggs to batter - egg memes
Source: Just_a_Bear

3 – Back in the day…

Back in my day - egg memes
Source: gingerbro

4 – Chicken after the price of eggs went up

Chickens after the prices of eggs - egg memes
Source: moldnugget

5 – Dating sites this week

Dating sites - egg memes
Source: Ravi

6 – Impress her with someone eggspensive

7 – How to solve egg shortage problem

8 – When you buy a dozen eggs

He just brought a dozen eggs - egg memes
Source: Mike

9 – Rappers showing off their wealth in 2023

How rappers show off their wealth - egg memes
Source: Daniel Vigil

10 – Just struck gold today

11 – Never change!

Lap dance cheaper han eggs - egg memes
Source: Tuggs

12 – Meanwhile at Grocery stores

Me looking at other people - egg memes
Source: Leo Mendus

13 – Mysterious!

Mysterious fire - egg memes
Source: Jimerican2

14 – Remember better times…

Remember better times - egg memes
Source: Onireck

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15 – All I Have In This World Is My Eggs, And I Don’t Break ’em For No One!

16 – Symbols of wealth through time

Symbol of wealth
Source: Lisa Haven

17 – When she says “Take Me Somewhere Expensive”

Take me somehwre expensive - egg memes
Source: Think Sarcasm

18 – You Know What You Have To Gift Her This Expensive

19 – Just A Neighbor Showing Off

When your neighbor wants everybody to know - egg memes
Source: XRaheemX

20 – Where I Keep My Eggs These Days

Where I keep my eggs these days - egg memes
Source: StormKoala


Girls with photoshop - egg memes
Source: u/bedir07


One whole egg - egg memes
Source: Jii-ttuuuuyoi




Cow egg - egg memes
Source: Memes

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