15 ‘Knee Surgery Memes’ to Make You Laugh Through the Pain

Knee surgery memes for a real kneel deal

While making the many faces for the upcoming knee surgery, it surely takes a lot to laugh at the before and after of surgical comedy that it presents. A leg that’s right and a wrong and a smile so long! These funny knee surgery memes are the unexpected highlight of the recovery with a side voice of “ouch”. The crutch that becomes the uninvited friend to the party, the creaky hinge that goes with you up and down, and the thrill of bending the knee for the first time post-surgery.

Like the upgrade of iPhone to titatnium these knee surgery memes are surely the sidekick partner in your laugh recovery while you try to balance all of you on one peg leg. While post-surgery welcome to the land of bionic legs, the hilarity and joys of physical therapy come along with a package of laughter, pains, and thrill on the road to recovery.

But hey, who needs a gym when you can work on your thigh muscles with every painful wobble and laugh at knee comedy at the knee-sense of humor?


knee surgery tommorow
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50 percent chance
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knee surgery i know you just
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knee surgery oh it was like
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knee surgery the perfect
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knee surgery you said
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knee surgery how i felt
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knee surgery  doctor we have
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knee surgery today
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knee surgery few months ago
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knee surgery good luck
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knee surgery when the doctor says
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knee surgery bend the
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Written by Revati Pande

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