20 Breaking The Laws Of Physics Memes That Will Make You Question The Laws Of Physics

There’s nothing funnier than watching someone break the laws of physics without realizing it. And that’s exactly what makes these Breaking The Laws Of Physics memes so hilarious.

Whether it’s eating soup with chopsticks or a Captain Jack Sparrow walking under water, these memes will have you cracking up.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh, then be sure to check out these Breaking The Laws Of Physics memes. You won’t be disappointed!

1 – 5 Year old confused me

5 year old me watching the same actor
Source: wattpad

2 – Exceptions be like…

3 – My Cat vs Physics

4 – Physics professor be like…

do you even physics bro

5 – Take me back to 1687

everyone on 1687 levitating and enjoying
Source: reddit

6 – Go Home Physics You’re Drunk

go home you're drunk
Source: quotesgram

7 – My in physics class

8 – I can hear physics weep

man of scooter
Source: memebase.cheezburger

9 – Defying the laws of physics

Source: memeguy

10 – Lad proves the experts wrong

Nigga breaks laws of physics meme
Source: memedroid

11 – Physics Doesn’t Apply To Goats

12 – Physics vs Pirates

when captain jack sparrow broke the laws of physics
Source: ifunny

13 – When you are about to know about physics

When you know nothing about physics
Source: memegine

14 – Where’s your physics now

where's your physics now
Source: memedroid

15 – When you break the laws of physics

you broke physics
Source: funnyasduck

16 – You cant eat soup with chopsticks

you cant eat soup with chop sticks
Source: memeguy

17 – When doctor says you have 5 minutes to live

You have 5 minutes to live
Source: reddit

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