55 Deez Nuts Jokes for a Nut-orious Time

Crack Up with Deez Nuts Jokes: A Nutty Collection for Endless Laughter

“Deez Nuts,” in a direct and slightly cheeky sense, refers to a man’s precious crown jewels. However, this term has transcended its original meaning and evolved into a popular source of Deez Nuts Jokes and internet pranks.

The viral “Deez Nuts jokes” find their origins in a now-famous prank call made by Welvin Harris, also known as Welven Da Great. In this legendary call, Welven pretends to ask his dad, “Did something come in the mail today?” When his dad inquires, “What?” Welven brilliantly responds, “Deez nuts,” and then bursts into infectious laughter. You can watch the original viral video below.

The charm of this prank lies in its simplicity and unexpected wit. Welven’s humor struck a chord with internet users, and soon, “Deez Nuts jokes” started flooding social media, chat platforms, and comedy circles. The light-hearted prank quickly became a sensation, spreading laughter far and wide.

These Deez Nuts jokes have the power to brighten up the dullest of days and spread contagious laughter wherever they go. Their simplicity and playfulness make them an excellent choice for breaking the ice in social settings or just lightening the mood in everyday conversations.

These Deez Nuts jokes promise to deliver a nut-orious time filled with laughter, chuckles, and all-around merriment. So, go ahead and unleash the comedy gold at your next gathering, and let the good times roll with these hilarious deez nuts jokes!

Deez Nuts Jokes

1- I heard you like to play Suko in your free time?
What is Suko?
Suko-n Deez Nuts!

2- What is the easiest command you can teach your dog?
I don’t know. Maybe roll over?
ROL-OVA Deez Nuts!

3- Do you want to play a song by Imagine Dragons?
Sure, I can do.
Great, imagine dragging Deez Nuts over your face.

4- How do you say “Yes” in Spanish?
See Deez Nuts!

5- Is your name Candice?
Candice, no, why?
Can Deez Nuts fit in your mouth?

6- Why did Deez Nuts go to school?
To become an honorary nutrician.

7- How do you catch a squirrel?
Climb a tree and shout, “Deez Nuts!”

8- Do you know a guy named Chewon?
No. Who’s Chewon?
Chew on deez nuts.

9- Have you seen my new hoodie anywhere?
What hoodie?
Who deez nuts.

10- Guess who I saw hanging out together?
Deez nuts.

11- Go sit on that over there.
Sit on what?
Sit on deez nuts.

12- Have you ever been to a place called Willya?
No. What’s Willya?
Willya suck deez nuts.

13- Hey, looks like you are into fitness?
Then Fit deez nuts in your mouth.

14- Do you know a guy named Barry?
Well, Barry deez nuts.

15- Hey, what’s that smell?
What smell?
Smells like Deez Nuts!

16- Can I borrow your pencil?
Why don’t you borrow deez nuts?

17- Do you have any tulips?
What sort of tulips are you looking for?
I’m looking for tulips to kiss Deez Nuts.

18- Hey, Ligma was looking for you the other day?
Who’s Ligma?
Ligma nuts!

19- Guess what SAKKON did
Sakkon.. who’s that?
SAKKON Deez Nuts!

20- Hey, I heard that you are a huge fan of Dee.
Dee who?
Deez nuts!

21- So want some of these?
Some of what?
Some of Deez Nuts.

22- Do you like riding on the Bus.
Not really.
Well, if you want, you can always ride Deez Nuts!

23- Do you wanna play?
Play with what?
Play with Deez Nuts!

24- Guys, I just got diagnosed with SODN!
What the hell is SODN?
Suck On Deez Nuts!

25- Are you going tonight?
Going where?
Down on deez nuts.

26- We need to soak these.
Soak what?
Soak deez nuts.

27- Hey, have you seen Phil?
No, who’s Phil?
Phil Deez Nuts in your mouth

28- What is the name of Barbie’s boyfriend?
Ken you fit deez nuts in your mouth?

29- Knock knock,
who’s there?
Grabba who?
Grabba deez nuts.

30- Hey, I heard that you like pudding?
Yes, I love pudding.
Well how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth.

31- Do you wanna have both of these?
Both of what?
Both of deez nuts.

32- I heard that you favorite team is the Yankees?
Yes, why?
Yank on deez nuts!

33- Why are B and C afraid of D?
Because deez nuts.

34- Have you seen my new friend Phillip?
No, who’s Phillip?
Phillip on deez nuts.

35- You: Dee was looking for you the other day.
Person: who’s Dee?
You: Deez Nuts!

36- Have you heard about the news in Kenya today?
No, what news in Kenya?.
Kenya fit deez nuts in your mouth.

37- Do you enjoy parodies?
Yes, why?
Well how about you enjoy a pair of deez nuts on your forehead.

38- What’s 4 x 2?
Eight Deez Nuts

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39- Have you seen my CD?
What CD?
See deez nuts!

40- Can you please move that?
Move what?
Move Deez Nuts!

41- My back hurts.
From carrying around deez nuts.

42- Do you know Howard?
Who’s Howard?.
How-ar deez nuts?

43- Can you hold these for a while?
Hold what?
Hold Deez Nuts!

44- Do you like Wendys?
You will when-Deez nuts are all over your face

45- Do you know what they use in movies to imitate the sound of galloping horses?
Deez nuts.

46- Have you seen DN?
What’s DN?
Deez nuts.

47- Take a break from gagging.
Gagging on what?
Gagging on Deez Nuts.

48- Do you have UCD?
What’s UCD?
UC Deez Nuts!

49- I recently got diagnose with OCD
Oh, No What OCD?
Oh see Deez nuts

50- Hey man, you’re leaving?
Leaving what?
Leaving Deez Nuts in your mouth

51.  I am just so sick of this. This sucks!
What sucks?
You suck on Deez Nuts!

52. Excuse me, can you spell the word “indeed” for me please?
– Sure, here it goes. I-N-D…
IN Deez Nuts!

53. Hey do waht to fo to West Indies  with me?
The West Indies?
Yes, in Deez Nuts!

54. Do you know Landon?
Landon who?
Trip, fall, and Landon Deez Nuts!

55. Do you love candy?
Great, so can Deez Nuts hit your face?

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