25 Cat Vs Dog Memes To Show Who Is Superior

Cat vs Dog Memes are here to show whos the boss

Welcome to the purr-plexing world of Cat vs Dog memes, where the internet’s favorite furry companions engage in an epic battle for the title of ultimate cuteness. As two of the most beloved pets on the planet, cats and dogs have not only captured our hearts in real life but have also become the stars of countless hilarious and heartwarming cat vs dog memes.

Cat vs Dog Memes are here to decide who’s superior. There’s a saying that Dogs have owners and Cats have slaves. Dogs think of humans as gods and cats think of themselves as gods and humans as slaves which we have shown it in the Cat Memes That Prove Humans Are Slaves To Cats

So who’s superior a cat or a dog?
Well, It’s a never ending debate between cat lovers and dog lovers about who is superior but one thing is clear that its a matter of choice. You are either a cat person or a dog person. That’s it, you can’t be both as cats and dogs are completely different in terms of everything.

Chameleon Memes has put a list of cats vs dogs memes for you to decide on which side your on

1 – This is where it begins

after looking at the numbers we cant afford a cat
Source: facebook

2 – When the dog eats the cat food

And the the big ugly dope ate my food
Source: imgflip

3 – How to start a cat dog fight

Apocalypse in 3,2,1
Source: imgflip

4 – Chilling in the sun & shade

chilling in sun
Source: rearfront

5 – When the master is in trouble

Master is drowning
Source: memesmonkey

6 – Cat vs Dog at Home

me and our dog my wife and our cat
Source: dopl3r

7 – Spot the cat

Nope I haven't seen the cat
Source: pinterest

8 – When your return from home

Oh you're home
Source: imgflip

9 – When you give them sweaters

Owner loves me so much he gave me a sweater
Source: memesmonkey

10 – Petting a dog vs petting a cat

petting a dog vs petting a cat
Source: reddit

11 – The difference between cats & dogs

The difference between cats and dog in one picture
Source: wattpad

12 – Master on one slave for another

The masters home

13 – They saw what they did to the hamster

They saw what they did to the hamster
Source: cheezburger

14 – When cat pins down the dog

What dog I see only pillows
Source: freeaddon

15 – The rules are set

What's the rule again
Source: pinterest

16 – When a dogs been bad vs when a cats been bad

when dogs been bad vs when cats been bad
Source: memesfunny

17 – This is debatable…

18 – When you scold your dog vs when you scold your cat

When you scold your cat

19 – When the cat knows Karate

You better believe me That i know karate
Source: imgflip

20 – Its a fight for the favorite spot in the house

You see what he is doing there
Source: freeaddon


Petting a cat - cat vs dog memes



How dog looks like - cat vs dog memes
Source: copodebois


I must be god - cat vs dog memes
Source: imgur


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