20 Funniest Pun Memes That Are Damn Punny

You love to laugh, right? Here is a list of puns that are so punny, you don’t know what to do with them.

From the common to the obscure, these cute puns will make you laugh out loud. This is a perfect way to brighten up your day. These pun memes are meant to make you laugh, but also make you laugh your ass off.

So, if you love puns and jokes, then you must check out these pun memes!

1 – Just Baklava things

2 – Basheball

3 – Not to get technical

4 – According to Greek mythology

5 – Just a minnow fin

6 – Let me load my gun

7 – Indeed!

8 – Cows be like…

How dairy
Source: WhatIsThatThing0verThere

9 – If you don’t know now you know

10 – I asked the surgeon

11 – When the doctor says

12 – Delivery terms be like

14 – Meanwhile…

15 – A prehistoric monument

16 – Journey to the pub

16 – Japanese Chihuahuas be like…

17 – Shocked!

18 – Wanted!

19 – A short poetry

20 – Too high!

21 – Indeed a good pun

22 – Here’s a good pun…

23 – When I think about you

24 – A real good pun

25 – That’s it..Im outta here

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