20 Goth Memes That’ll Put You Under a Laughter Spell

Goth, short for gothic, refers to a subculture characterized by its love for the dark and the mysterious. It traces its roots to the gothic rock music scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s, where bands like Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees popularized the style. Today, goth culture encompasses various elements such as distinctive fashion, embracing darkness in art and music, and a fascination with the occult and horror aesthetics. While it may seem somber to some, goth culture also embraces humor, as evident in the emergence of goth memes that blend the eerie with hilarity.

Goth culture, with its penchant for the mysterious and the morbid, has carved a unique niche in the realm of online humor, giving rise to a captivating collection of goth memes. These darkly enchanting images, accompanied by witty captions and clever twists, will leave you entranced in laughter. Embracing the shadows and celebrating the peculiar, goth memes blend the eerie aesthetic with a touch of amusement, conjuring a brand of humor that’s both bewitching and hilarious.

As you delve into this compilation of 20 goth memes, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where the macabre meets the comical, where black lipstick and blacker humor reign supreme. These funny memes cater to the souls who revel in the darker aspects of life but have a knack for finding joy in the absurd and the ironic. From graveyard giggles to playful puns, these memes cast a spell on your funny bone and leave you with a hauntingly good time. So, whether you’re a devoted goth or merely an enthusiast of the unconventional, these memes are sure to put you under a laughter spell and leave you howling with delight.


A girl who will abuse and manipulate - Goth Memes
Source: GothboyClique


Choosing clothes to wear - Goth Memes
Source: GothboyClique







Goth kids coming up with fake names - Goth Memes
Source: Username_Redacted






Me in my goth phase - Goth Memes
Source: YourOtherLeft


My personalities arguing - Goth Memes
Source: GothboyClique


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Outside vs Inside - Goth Memes
Source: GothboyClique


When yore goth - Goth Memes
Source: Alice_


When you hella goth - Goth Memes
Source: GothboyClique


When your son is going through a phase - Goth Memes
Source: Bloodnut187


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