30 Hilarious Memes for These Trying Times

Finding Humor in Adversity: Hilarious Memes to Lighten the Load During Trying Times

There’s been some tough times lately. The world seems like it’s falling apart at the seams, and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel at times. As a result, we as humans tend to look for ways to cope with these trying circumstances.

This is where memes come in handy. With just one image and a few words, you can almost instantly lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. Memes are an irreplaceable source of comedy when you’re going through something rough. They are the perfect little snippets of hilarity that both help us understand life better and make us feel lighter about our own struggles.

Chameleon Memes has the best compilation of funny memes that will help you laugh through these trying times:

1 – How it starts and how it ends

Agreeing on one drink
Source: deafkitten

2 – And they say “Why are you soo upset all the time?”

all the states legalized weed
Source: deafkitten

3 – Capitalism breeds innovation

Capitalism breeds innovation
Source: deafkitten

4 – That couple…

couple with joint fb account
Source: deafkitten

5 – I agree with Joker hare…

Disney plans to start shooting bambi
Source: deafkitten

6 – Its a run till home

getting ready to run home
Source: deafkitten

7 – IDK

how much did you get so much on your taxes
Source: deafkitten

8 – How to announce a good news and a bad news

I have a good news and a bad news
Source: deafkitten

9 – Essential oils

Im into essential oils
Source: deafkitten

10 – Asking forgiveness in advance be like…

lord forgive me for what Im about to do
Source: deafkitten

11 – This is what my everyday looks like

me after doing absolutely nothing
Source: deafkitten

12 – Me& My Therapist

me and my therapist
Source: deafkitten

13 – My brain overpowering my tired body

my exhausted body trying to fall asleep
Source: deafkitten

14 – Nippleless Ghost Rider

nippleless cage
Source: deafkitten

15 – Fun Fact!

no state requires a dog
Source: deafkitten

16 – How to become an admin of this simulation

pete davidson
Source: deafkitten

17 – Rooms in Brooklyn be like…

room in brooklyn
Source: deafkitten


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18 – Me on social media

useless science facts
Source: deafkitten

19 – This is why you’re depressed

what are you taking for depression
Source: deafkitten

20 – When you gotta make obvious

when he's not getting the signals
Source: deafkitten

21 – Special skills are required

when it pop out
Source: deafkitten

22 – That moment when…

when someone gives you liffeadvice
Source: deafkitten

23 – Handsome!

when you catch a glimpse of yourself
Source: deafkitten

24 – When you open a DM from an unknown guy

when you open a DM from a guy
Source: deafkitten

25 – Hola!

when you say hola
Source: deafkitten


Do not break down - Trying Times
Source: deafkitten


When your mic is broken - Trying Times
Source: deafkitten


How europeans measure - Trying Times
Source: deafkitten


Sitting at loading screen - Trying Times
Source: deafkitten


Im gonna treat you like others - Trying Times
Source: deafkitten

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