20 Lazy Memes That Shows The Heights Of Laziness

Here are 20 memes that shows the great height laziness can attain

Lazy memes are the best memes. They’re relatable, funny, and don’t require any effort to scroll through. Also, we are too lazy to explain this any further so if you’re looking for a good laugh, then look no further – these lazy memes are sure to tickle your funny bone.

1 – Please Note

-1 Hour
Source: pinterest

2 – How lazy people take calls

Attending call
Source: pinterest

3 – She is cooking Lazyagna

Cooking meme
Source: pinterest

4 – Just a lazy guy strolling dog

Dog strolling
Source: pinterest

5 – Laziness has no limits

Filling gas lazy
Source: reddit

6 – Never underestimate the power of laziness

Laying down and sipping
Source: ebaumsworld

7 – Lazy or Genius?

Lazy or genius
Source: sayingimages

8 – As simple as that

Long straw
Source: pinterest

9 – Footwear for lazy people

Nail Paint

10 – Heights of laziness

Sitting and peeing
Source: funtoosh

11 – A lazy dad

12 – When you’re just too lazy

Walking the dog
Source: funtoosh

13 – Rest In laziness

Watching mobile
Source: timesofindia

14 – Smart Work!

Bird in flight carrying another bird!
Source: CandiceThomas

15 – Is that rain?

Is that rain
Source: memedroid

16 – A derogatory word for efficiency

17 – Me on my day off

Me on my day off
Source: memedroid

18 – Heights of laziness

Someone please roll that sausage near my mouth

Source: askideas

19 – When you have a lazy companion

Wanna hang out
Source: memedroid

20 – Just pure laziness

when life is a complete mess
Source: memedroid

21 – Pizza rolls calling

when mom made some pizza rolls
Source: memedroid

22 – Winner of the lazy cat award

Winner of the lzay cat
Source: memedroid

23 – Worlds laziest person competition

Worlds laziest person competition
Source: memedroid

24 – Just me being me

You need to get out and do stuff
Source: memedroid

25 – Laziness happens

Do you ever zone out
Source: memedroid

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