20 Witty Hitler Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Humorous Satirical Hitler Jokes That Tackle History’s Dark Moments

Welcome to our collection of 20 witty Hitler jokes that will surely make you laugh. Now, before anyone gets offended, it’s important to understand that comedy can sometimes be a way to cope with difficult topics, including the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime during World War II. These jokes aim to shed light on the absurdity of Hitler’s actions and challenge the power of his legacy through humor. So, if you have a dark sense of humor, read on!

It may seem odd to find humor in such a dark period of history, but comedy has always been a coping mechanism for humans. However, it’s crucial to approach these Hitler jokes with sensitivity and self-awareness. They should never belittle or trivialize the suffering that occurred during this horrific period. Instead, they should provide a small release from the heaviness associated with discussing Hitler.

Hitler Jokes

1- What was Hitler’s response when blindfolded?
“I can Nazi!”

2- What’s Hitler’s favorite video game?
Mein Craft.

3- What was Hitler’s favorite intimate position?
Sixty nein.

4- What planet did Hitler hate the most?

5- Why did Hitler give up golf?
“He kept getting stuck in the Bunker”

6- What month did Hitler dislike the most?

7- When the teacher asks you how many people did Hitler kill?
“One, he killed himself”

8- What do you call a homeless Hitler?
A roofless dictator.

9- What was Hitler’s reaction when his parents got a hauler?
He asked, ‘haulla-cost’

10- What nickname did they give Hitler when he went swimming?

11- Why does Hitler deserve heaven?
Because he killed Hitler

12- What grades did Hitler get in art school?
Not C’s

13- What was Hitler’s 4-digit PIN number?

14- What did Hitler have in his bedroom?
A ‘Mein Kampforter.

15- What is Hitler’s favorite food?
Not seafood.

16- How does Hitler sneeze?

17- Why was Hitler bad at math?
He could only count till nein.

18-What was Hitler’s favorite letter?

19- How did Hitler prevent his shoelaces from coming undone?
Little knotsies.

20- What has more brains than Hitler?
The wall behind him.

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