24 Funny Flirting Memes That Summarizes The Art Of Bad Flirting

Here are some flirting memes that cringeworthy and hilariously bad…

Unfortunately, flirting is one of those life skills that can’t really be taught—you have to learn it on your own. Not only are there hundreds of different ways to flirt, but some people can be flirting masters. Whereas, for others flirting can be a really tricky thing to master, especially if you’re not one of those people who enjoy being in the friend zone. And while it’s great to see people get extra confident when they’re flirting with someone they like, not everyone can pull it off no matter how hard they try.

The girl I like vs my flirting skills
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Flirting is a lot more fun than you think it is. But sometimes it can also be awkward. So, Chameleon Memes made this list to help you out when flirting becomes weird and there’s no place to turn for help.

1 – That precious moment

When someone out of your league starts flirting with you
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2 – When you accidentally hurt her feelings

You are like KFC
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3 – When you’re not flirting correctly

What you got in them jeans
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4 – That’s Titanic

Titanic ice breaker
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5 – When you invite her over

Wanna come over to my place
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6 – When you just miss the whole plot

Trading is caring
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7 – When you both are Sponge Bob Fans

SpongeBob flirts
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8 – Me trying to flirt

Me trying to flirt
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9 – Me trying to flirt with my expressions

Me trying to flirt like this

10 – When flirting starts getting scary

Me flirting with my crush
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11 – When you are trying to flirt and suddenly get nervous

12 – When she shoots you down in flames

I wanted to become your husband after seeing you
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13 – When you’re a violet flirter

I wanna do bad things to you

14 – When you’re just not able to get her signs

I like your glasses
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15 – How I Flirt

I like the parts of your face that are covered in skin
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16 – How NOT to start flirting with a woman

How to start flirting with a woman
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17 – Shortest flirting in the history of mankind

Hey No Ok Sorry
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18 – Hate to see you leave but love to watch you go

Hate to see you leave but love to watch you go
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19 – When you start sharing your medical condition

Doctor says Im lacking vitamin U
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20 – How not to start a conversation

Do you like cheese
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21 – When you finally get it

did you just flirt with me
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22 – Horny flirters be like…

Did you get those jeans on sale because at my house they are 100% off
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23 – The big flirt be like

Did it hurt
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24 – When calling her Bae is too mainstream

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