30 Funny Writings You Will Find In Public Bathrooms

Here are 30 inspirational public toilet messages to make your day less shitty

We all know that public bathrooms are a place where you can find some of the funniest quotes. These quotes are usually written on the walls or on the toilet seats. The people who leave these funny quotes in public bathrooms can either be really bored or have a great sense of humor.

Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of the funniest things that has ever been written on the toilet doors

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1 – Bathroom Tip

Bathroom tip
Source: usersubmod

2 – Be fearless

be fearless
Source: reddit

3 – Beware!

beware of limbo dancers
Source: piximus

4 – Great advice

Don't force it
Source: imgur

5 – Well, he doesn’t…

Don't worry he is good
Source: lordsmish

6 – Some genius predicted the future

get ready for the posibility of dating robots
Source: imgur

7 – Broken hearted people be like

here is a broken hearted
Source: PrimalPiranha

8 – Now you know

how people use restroom at gas station
Source: facebook

9 – Creepy!

I like your...
Source: reddit

10 – Don’t forget to rate us

I would not pee here again
Source: piximus

11 – A powerful advice

if you ever feel powerless
Source: bananagee123

12 – Priorities…

Im just trying to take a shit
Source: stereophonie

13 – Assume nothing, question everything

Just assume you look like shit
Source: stereophonie

14 – Lol

Source: stereophonie

15 – Hand Dryers be like…

my eye
Source: imgur

16 – Alright!

no baptising
Source: piximus

17 – Will try but can’t promise

No farting
Source: imgur

18 – Quote of the day

poop every poop like its your last poop
Source: imgur

19 – Poets when they are taking a dump

Poop like no one is here

20 – Perhaps

say perhaps to drugs
Source: pinterest

21 – What a rhyme

some come here to shit
Source: big-jimmy-boy

22 – Harry Potter fans be like…

the chamber of secrets
Source: imgur

23 – A poet strike again

They paint these walls
Source: stereophonie

24 – A list of things I hate

Things I hate
Source: Dbug113

25 – A small correction

26 – We are brothers because

We are brothers
Source: imgur

27 – A Fight Club fan

We buy things we don't need
Source: epictroll18

28 – When you’re just about to destroy the toilet

When you're about to destroy the toilet in public bathroom

29 – What do you think?

Writing on bathroom stall is an art
Source: stereophonie

30 – Some washrooms be like…

I waited 45 minutes
Source: pinterest

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