50 Mole Jokes to Dig Up Endless Laughter

Unearth the Playful World of Mole Jokes

In the realm of humor, it’s often the simplest jokes that bring the heartiest laughs, and that’s precisely what “Mole Jokes” offer. These clever quips are designed to keep your spirits high and your funny bone thoroughly tickled. Whether you’re a seasoned mole enthusiast or simply someone in search of a good chuckle, our collection of “50 Mole Jokes” promises a journey filled with laughter.

But what exactly is a mole, beyond the humorous context? In the animal kingdom, moles are small, burrowing mammals characterized by their velvety fur, strong forelimbs, and acute sense of touch. These creatures are known for their subterranean lifestyles, as they tunnel through the earth in search of insects and worms, making them natural excavators of the soil.

As we explore this lighthearted world of “Mole Jokes,” you’ll find wordplay and puns strategically inserted to ensure that you enjoy the experience. So, whether you’re sharing these mole jokes with friends or savoring them alone, get ready to dig into “50 Mole Jokes” and let the laughter flow.

1- Why did the mole bring a shovel to dinner?
Because it wanted to dig into the meal!

2- What do you call a mole that can see really well?
A supermole!

3- Why did the mole go to the bakery?
Because it heard they had mole-asses.

4- What do you call a fashionable mole?
A mole-del!

5- What’s a mole’s favorite type of music?
Rock and mole.

6- How do moles communicate underground?
They use a mole-aphone!

7- How do moles stay in shape?
They do mole-ups and mole-overs.

8- Why did the mole bring a ladder to its burrow?
It wanted to see over the mole-hill.

9- What’s a mole’s favorite game to play?
Whack-a-Mole, of course!

10- Why did the mole get a job as a detective?
Because it was great at digging up clues!

11- What do you call a mole who can sing?
A mole-ody.

12- How do moles stay in touch with their friends?
They use mole-obile phones.

13- Why did the mole go to the dentist?
It had a mole-cavity.

14- What’s a mole’s favorite movie?
“The Molefather.”

15- What happens when you combine a mole with a highly explosive substance?

You get a ther-mole reaction!

16- Why do moles have big appetites?

Because they are mole-nourished.

17- What are mammoles?

Four-legged ani-moles.

18- What did one mole say to the other mole after their victory in the quarter-finals?

Semi-fi-moles next!

19- What did the mole teach her students in math class?


20- Why did the mole bring a suitcase to the picnic?
Because it wanted to pack a mole-lunch.

21- What are moles made of?


22- What do you get if you cross a mole with a painkiller?


23- What do you get if you cross a mole with a humped animal?

A ca-mole.

24- What’s a mole’s favorite board game?

25- What do you get if you cross a mole with a famous fizzy drink?


26- What do you get when you combine a mole with a machine designed to flatten roads?

A steam-mole-r!

27- Why did the mole refuse to share its food?

Because it was mole-icious.

28- What type of test do moles prefer?

The ones with mole-tiple choice answers.

29- What do you get if you cross a mole with a small, flying insect?

A mole-squito.

30- How do moles travel?
They take the mole-torway.

31- Who was moles favorite composer?


32- Where do famous moles live?

Beverly Holes.

33- What’s a moles favorite fruit?


34- What do moles add to their hot chocolates?


35- How do moles secure financing for their homes?

With a molegage!

36- What type of hairstyle do moles prefer?


37- What do you call a bunch of moles acting like fools?

A bunch of mole-asses .

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38- What did the people say when a mole was elected as pope?

Holey moley.

39- What do you call a mole that doesn’t like eating worms?

An ano-mole-y!

40- Why do moles like large parties?

The mole the merrier!

41- How do moles stay cool in the summer?
They use mole-tar fans.

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42- What’s a mole’s favorite holiday?

43- What do you see when you look down a mole hole?

44- Doctor! Doctor! I’m really concerned about this mole on my shoulder!
Doctor: I’m a dermatologist, not a veterinarian.

45- How do moles keep in touch?
By e-mole.

46- How do moles change the channel on their TVs?

They use the re-mole control!

47- Did you hear about the mole who won the lottery?
She’s now a multi mole-ionaire.

48- Why did the mole bring a backpack to its burrow?
To carry its mole-tiple belongings.

49- What do you call a mole who’s good with money?
A mole-ey lender.

50- My garden has been completely destroyed by moles.
It is now looking like a de-mole-ition site.

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