The Greatest 80s Memes That Will Take You Back to The Golden Days

Nostalgic Laughter: Journey Through the 80s with the Ultimate 80s Memes Time Capsule!

Today we will take a look at some popular and funny 80s memes from back in the day when there were no smartphones and people spent their time playing outside with friends instead of being glued to their screens all day long.

1 – 80s detective shows be like

2 – 80s hairs be like…

80s hair
Source: sayingimages

3 – Also dad in 1984:

also dad in 1984
Source: Sugartown

4 – Meanwhile in 1986

Source: sayingimages

5 – Walk like an Egyptians

Egyptians walk just like us
Source: PatBrownDown

6 – Heaven…

Heaven question
Source: CaptainBraggy

7 – How they dress today vs How they dress in 80s

Heaven question
Source: edandsarna

8 – Mum un 80s watching kids

Mums in 80s
Source: J0shua115

9 – Millennials vs People from 80s

people who say millennials looked stupid
Source: shitthoughts

10 – Grab em popcorns

popular kids fighting
Source: karateboy72

11 – The 80s where

The 80s where
Source: JustSarah5

12 – This was worse than wifi not working

The wifi isnt working
Source: edandsarna

13 – Clothes in the 80s be like…

weird clothes in 80s
Source: edandsarna


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14 – That moment when…

when someone says 90s music is better
Source: Acts2.38

15 – Just 80s things

when the kid will blow out birthday cake
Source: edandsarna

16 – Those 80s playlist

when you deleting songs
Source: ariel10080834




The couple next door - 80s Memes
Source: yagash


When your parents took you - 80s Memes
Source: Groggo

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