13 Aimless Memes With The Aim Of Making You Laugh

Aimless Memes without a Mission: Aimless Yet Hilarious Laughs

We all need a good laugh from time to time, and there’s nothing better than a good random aimless meme to do the trick. With that in mind, We’ve compiled a list of aimless memes whose sole aim is to make you laugh.

From silly memes to relatable ones, we’ve got it all covered in this list. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a good laugh.

1 – Turning down plans coz I got plans

are you coming out tonight
Source: deafkitten

2 – Meanwhile at an expensive restaurant

expensive restaurants be like
Source: deafkitten

3 – Me holding on to my money in 2023

how im going to be with my money meme
Source: deafkitten

4 – I seek glory

I seek glory
Source: deafkitten

5 – Me vs 2023

im not gonna hurt you
Source: deafkitten

6 – The importance of recycling cardboards

importance of recycling cardboard
Source: deafkitten

7 – Stubbed Toe

jackhammer your toe
Source: deafkitten

8 – Do hell with peace

meditation will give me peace
Source: deafkitten

9 – My liver watching me…

my liver watching me
Source: deafkitten

10 – The Perfect New Year Resolution

New years resolution
Source: deafkitten

11 – SALE!

pirated stuff
Source: deafkitten

12 – Who were the happiest when the Titanic was sinking

titanic sinking
Source: deafkitten

13 – Yes.

want to fin out
Source: deafkitten


If youve run out of detergent
Source: hotdogsinmilk


Thiss dog came into my stall
Source: hotdogsinmilk

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