25 Anxiety Memes: The Perfect Cure For Anxiety

We’ve got the best anxiety memes to laugh at the nerves

Anxiety is like a little kid being overly loud in public and trying to run away. The only thing more embarrassing than the anxiety is the fact that you’re always running away from an imaginary boogeyman. Anxiety is a funny thing. So many people experience it, but as with anything, it can be so funny when you are in that moment this is where anxiety memes come into the picture.

Whether you’re a freshman student who gets anxious while going to class or an adult afraid of public speaking, these classic anxiety memes perfectly capture the feelings of having an unwanted, unexpected attack of worry and uncertainty.

1 – How it starts

2 – About what?

3 – Social Anxiety

choking on ice cube
Source: vaperWave

4 – Me in the middle of evrything

dancing in depression stress and anxiety
Source: JustSarah5

5 – Having anxiety in public

Having anxiety in public - anxiety memes
Source: Paps25

6 – Me in room be like…

Me in my room imagining fake scenarios
Source: ya_moms_a_h0e

7 – That psycho friend.

8 – Me in anxiety

me overreacting at easily solvable problem  - anxiety memes
Source: thatspookypan

9 – Me trying to make friends

me trying to make friends
Source: SmugAnn

10 – When people with anxiety walk into a room

11 – My anxiety staring at me

my anxiety when I sit still
Source: By Mowervi

12 – The first thing I see after getting up in the morning

13 -When you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack

14 – Studies say that…

Sleeping next to someone  - anxiety memes
Source: memedroid

15 – Anxiety at its highest

16 – When someone asks…

When someone asks you if you are ok  - anxiety memes
Source: ToRaSuCkA

17 – Error!

When you are constantly anxious
Source: WhiteLies

18 – Me & My brain

You left the stove on  - anxiety memes
Source: HolleighLujah

19 – Therapist suggest to get a therapy dog

You should get a therapy dog
Source: SpiderDad61

20 – That moment when…

You will have a presentation - anxiety memes
Source: Bubbly_Stars


Depression stress anxiety - anxiety memes
Source: TristanaGOLD


A nice and calm day - anxiety memes
Source: 9gagbannedme


If you have anxiety - anxiety memes
Source: Zacrates


Me trying to get some sleep - anxiety memes
Source: c0ndesita


Do you have anxiety - anxiety memes
Source: TheShaSha

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