30 Funny Awkward Memes That’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Awkward Moments

Here are 20 awkward memes that flawlessly describes the awkward moments that we all encounter

We’ve all been there before. That awkward moment when you’re not sure if you should hug someone or shake their hand. Or when you accidentally walk in on someone in the bathroom. Or when you say something really awkward in front of a group of people, all these awkward moments give rise to awkward memes

These moments are a part of life, and they can be really embarrassing. But they can also be really funny, especially when you look back on them later. And that’s why there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some hilarious awkward memes that perfectly describe those awkward moments. In fact, it might even help you to feel better about yourself and your own awkward moments!

Chameleon Memes has curated 30 funny awkward memes that are sure to make you feel better about your own awkward moments.

1 – A minute of awkwardness

2 – When the Christmas dinner get blessed with awkwardness

Dinner was awkward - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

3 – Sneak Peak

Guy tries to sneak peak
Source: memedroid

4 – One day in a dead silent classroom…

In a dead silent class room - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

5 – Ordering pizza can get awkward sometimes

just order a pizza
Source: memedroid

6 – Me & My dad watching an action movie

Me and dad watching movie - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

7 – When your past memories wont let you sleep

Me in my bed remembering when I waved
Source: memedroid

8 – Always up for making the situation worse

me ready to something crap and make the situation crap - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

9 – Being awkward is just my nature

10 – When someone comes up to you and be like…

Omg you've grown - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

11 – That moment when you completely miss the plot

Sees cute girl
Source: memedroid

12 – That awkward little run

13 – The face you make when you walk past someone…

The face you make when you walk past someone
Source: memedroid

14 – Just the things I tell

Things I tell to my family - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

15 – Serial stalker!

What do you do in your free time
Source: memedroid

16 – Dirty dancing!

When I'm trying to get the party started
Source: memedroid

17 – That moment…

18 – That toxic moment

19 – Well, now you know what to say…

When someone knocks on public bathroom - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

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20 – When you promise yourself.

When someone says Hi
Source: memedroid

21 – That awkward moment

When the person you just met starts telling you personal stuff - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

22 – When The Waitress Stops By And Asks How Your Food Is

23 – Awkward moment about to get worse

When water goes down your windpipe - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

24 – That Awkward Moment…

25 – Oh no!

When you send a screenshot - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

26 – Why are you like this…

When you stop being shy
Source: memedroid

27 – When you dog plays with a random dog.

Your dog plays with random dog - awkward memes
Source: memedroid

28 –

What happend to him - awkward memes
Source: Rick1488

29 –

When you say bye to someone - awkward memes
Source: RapBroadway

30 –

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