25 Big Lebowski Memes That Will Make Every Dude Abide

Dude-approved Laughter: Hilarious Big Lebowski Memes to Tie Your Sense of Humor Together

The Big Lebowski is a 1998 film that has become something of a cult classic. The movie follows the story of Jeff ‘The Dude’ Lebowski, a laid-back character who becomes embroiled in a kidnapping plot.

The film has been referenced and parodied in popular culture many times, and has spawned a whole host of internet Big Lebowski memes. These memes often feature pictures or quotes from the movie, and are often used to express a laid-back or care-free attitude.

If you’re a fan of “The Big Lebowski”, then you’ll love these Big Lebowski memes! They’re perfect for those days when you just want to relax and take it easy. So sit back, grab a White Russian, and enjoy!

1 – Jesus!

Interpretations of jesus
Source: makithejap

2 – Kids be like…

Its time for bed
Source: knowyourmeme

3 – When someone asks what the main demographic of fortnite player is

main demographic of fortnight players
Source: Vityou

4 – A true Big Lebowski fan

Me watching big lebowski memes for 200th time
Source: knowyourmeme

5 – Meanwhile Walter…

Source: makithejap

6 – Change his mind!

smokey was over the line
Source: Knobby

7 – If Lebowski was on social media

Social media
Source: makithejap

8 – The next Star Wars Movie Title

The jedi abides
Source: Jack_The_Raper

9 – When someone says “What’s the big Lebowski?”

WHats the big lebowski
Source: knowyourmeme

10 – The face you make when…

When you put a potato in microwave
Source: knowyourmeme

11 – When your kid asks for help

When your kid ask for help
Source: makithejap

12 – Your liver when you take a day off from drinking

your liver when you take a day off from drinking
Source: Woz8005

13 –

Cutting de cok
Source: makithejap


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14 – Dude!

Do you want to get a toe
Source: knowyourmeme

15 – Good Night.. Sweet price.

Good night sweet prince
Source: tumpik


halloween costume
Source:  FuzzyGrim



smokey was over the line
Source: Knobby


Where is the money
Source: Imgur


Your liver
Source: Woz8005



Star wars fans
Source: u/sandstar115


Wheres the money cat meme
Source: imgur



You see what happens
Source: Movies & TV

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