25 Funny “Brain Just Do It Memes” That Anyone With A Brain Will Relate To

Your brain is hardwired to make you do dumb stuff, and here are some funny “Brain Just Do It Memes” to prove it!

Here are some funny Brain Just Do It Memes which prove that brain is the boss…

The brain is a complex organ, which can be manipulated by the manipulation of the brain itself! And this is where brain just do it memes comes into picture. The brain is an organ that controls and coordinates actions and reactions, allows us to think and feel, and enables us to have memories and feelings. Your brain controls everything you do, like burning your food, putting the shirt on but forgetting to put on the pants when you’re getting dressed. The brain is also responsible for making us do stupid stuff which makes no sense and has no proper reasoning, the brains just commands and we follow…

jump - brain just do it memes

Chameleon Memes compiled a list of funny brain just do it memes which demonstrates that the bran is the boss and it can make you do whatever it wants and whenever it wants

1 – Use 2% of your strength and break it

Break the pen brain just do it memes
Source: Memedroid

2 – Do it!

drawing with beer cap
Source: 9gag

3 – How to annoy someone

Click the pen
Source: Reditt

4 – My brain making me do this while watching TV

Figiting with remote
Source: Twitter

5 – Flip it before you sleep on it

Flip the pillow
Source: Ebaumsworld

6 – Just kick it Man

Just kick it
Source: Memedroid

7 – Every time the leg hair moves my brain be like…

leg hair moves a little
Source: Ahseeit

8 – It means do that for far away

my brain when it sees a sign which says don do that meme
Source: Memes

9 – Me everyday before combing my hair

Playing with comb
Source: Memes

10 – Done this

playing with earphones
Source: Ahseeit

11 – Just run you finger through it

Run your finger through it
Source: iFunny

12 – Me in a very serious situation

Serious situation
Source: Memegine

13 – Slap it or spank it but do it

14 – Stab this piece of rubber

stabbing rubber meme
Source: Pintrest


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15 – Just leaves it man

take some leaves
Source: Ebaumsworld

16 – Brain showing me cringey moments at 2AM

Top cringe moments
Source: Ahseeit

17 – If you don’t fall in the lava

walking in straight line
Source: Twitter

18 – Brain ins the boss

we are sad today
Source: Ruinmyweek

19 – The brain has taken over the Dogs as well….

Dog brain
Source: Memegine

20 – My brain when I’m trying to sleep

me trying to sleep
Source: Reditt


Remote controller - Brain Just Do It Memes
Source: memescentrai


bottle cap - Brain Just Do It Memes
Source: saicomaen




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