20 Cats That Have No Respect For Your Personal Space

A list of funny cat moments showing that they just don’t care about your personal space

There’s nothing worse and funny than a bunch of cats that doesn’t respect your personal space.

These cats are the worst of the bunch. If you’re trying to work, or sleep, or go to the toilet, these cats will be right there with you. These cats are just doing their thing, and looks like they’re in no mood to stop. They just don’t care about your personal space!

Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of these funny cats not giving a shit about your personal space moments

1 – If I fits I sits

2 – You bath I bath

cat in tub
Source: Source: ObsessedWithAnimals

3 – Its my underwear now hooman

4 – Watcha lookin at?

5 – You can run but you can’t hide. Feed us…

6 – Wendy, I’m Home

7 – Let me help you

8 – let me inn

let me in
Source: ObsessedWithAnimals

9 – Enough of the reading. Its play time

10 – Its treat time

11 – If I fits I sits

12 – Is that a rabbit hole?

13 – Let me also read

14 – Enough of the work…

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15 – What’s the password?

16. Let me take a nap

17. Wassup!

18. Watcha readin?

19. Can I have your attention please

20. Ctr, alt and meow

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Written by ChameleonMemes

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