30 Christopher Columbus Jokes to Set Sail with Laughter

Navigating the Sea of Humor: 30 Christopher Columbus Jokes

Christopher Columbus, the renowned explorer who set sail to discover new lands, may not have been known for his humor, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find mirth in his adventures. In this collection of “Christopher Columbus Jokes,” we bring you 30 rib-tickling quips and puns to infuse your day with laughter. These jokes take a lighthearted spin on history, exploring the humorous side of Columbus’s legendary voyages.

Jokes have the remarkable ability to transcend time and culture, and by injecting humor into Columbus’s explorations, we aim to showcase that humor knows no bounds. Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for a hearty laugh, these “Christopher Columbus Jokes” are designed to make you “sea” the lighter side of life. So, prepare to embark on a journey of merriment as we navigate uncharted waters of humor and celebrate the wit and wordplay inspired by one of history’s most famous figures.

So, get ready to sail into the uncharted waters of humor with us, as we present these “Christopher Columbus Jokes to infuse your day with laughter and joy. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just someone looking for a good chuckle, these jokes are designed to make you “sea” the lighter side of life.

1- Let’s celebrate Columbus Day by walking into someone’s house and telling them we live there now!

2- Why does Christopher Columbus carry his sword?

Because swords can’t walk.

3- Son: When I grow up I want to be like Christopher Columbus. Dad: An explorer?

That’s great, son. Son: No, I want to get lost, spread diseases, steal tobacco and still be celebrated.

4- What kind of bus can cross the ocean?
A ColumBUS

5- What was Columbus’s favorite letter of the alphabet?


6- What is common between Christopher Columbus and ants?

They both established colonies

7- Which was the first cat to discover America?

Christopher Columpuss!

8- What did Christopher Columbus say when he met Native Americans for the first time?

“I’ve heard so much about you; you’re like the ‘new neighbors’ on the block!”

9- Christopher Columbus got lost
Because the directions weren’t ‘pacific

10- Christopher Columbus’s favorite sport?

“Water polo,” of course!

11- How Do Native Americans celebrate Columbus Day?
They walk into your house and say “We live here now”

12- How did Columbus say hello to other sailors?

He waved.

13- How did Columbus do on his school report cards?

He always worked at C-Level.

14- Columbus discovered the new world..
..much like a meteorite discovered the Dinosaurs

15- Where did Columbus take his boat when it had a hole in it?

To the nearest doc.

16- How do you celebrate Christopher Columbus day?
Barge into your neighbor’s home and claim it as yours.

17- Which baseball team did Columbus root for?

The Mariners.

18- Where did Columbus first land in America?

On his feet!

19- A store near me is offering a Columbus Day sale.
I’m going to walk in, take whatever I want, and kill anyone who tries to stop me.

20- What do you get when you cross Columbus Day with Halloween?

Ghoulumbus Day.

21- What did the sea say to the Christopher Columbus?

Nothing, it just waved!

22- When is the best time for a Christopher Columbus to buy a new ship?

When it’s on sail.

23- How do people from Columbus greet each other? Oh, hi yo!

24- Kendrick Lamars New Song Chris Don’t Kill My Tribe, in honor of Columbus Day

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25- What happened in 1492?

Native Americans discovered Columbus.

26- Why did Columbus cross the ocean?

To get to the other tide.

27- Got an email from an airline inviting me to”Discover America.” I’ve replied with a link to the Wikipedia page about Christopher Columbus.

28- What happened when Christopher Columbus dropped his hat in the sea?

It got wet.

29- Where did Columbus find oceans without water?

On his map.

30- Where dis the crew of Christopher Columbus get drunk?

The Sand Bar.

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