30 Chuck Norris Memes That Will Make You Say “What The Chuck!”

These Chuck Norris Memes will chuck the laughter out of you lungs

If you don’t know who Chuck Norris is, allow us to introduce you! Chuck Norris is an American martial artist, actor, and film producer who first gained fame as a martial arts instructor in the 1970s. He has starred in a number of hit films, including ‘Walker, Texas Ranger‘, ‘The Expendables‘ series, and ‘Way of the Dragon‘.

He is also widely known for his iconic Chuck Norris memes which is often used to poke fun at his legendary status. Whether it’s the classic “Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep; he waits” or one of the countless other ones that have been created over the years, these funny Chuck Norris memes are sure to make you laugh out loud.

Funny Chuck Norris memes often feature exaggerated statements about his strength, toughness and skill that are intended to be humorous. Chuck Norris is tough and can handle anything thrown at him. The tonality of best Chuck Norris memes also conveys a sense of confidence and power. These funny memes often feature Chuck Norris being able to accomplish seemingly impossible feats with ease.

Chameleon Memes has compiled the best Chuck Norris Memes that shows Chuck Norris Doesn’t Need Memes He Is A Meme

1 – How Chuck Norris creates fire

Chuck norris can make a fire
Source: walkerboy5566

2 – The word “Escape” doesn’t exist in his dictionary

Chuck Norris doesn't have esc key on his computer
Source: walkerboy5566

3 – The early years

Chuck norris in early years

4 – Beating a fish at its own game

chuck norris once won a underwater contest
Source: walkerboy5566

5 – When Chuck stepped in a lego

chuck norris steps on lego
Source: imgflip

6 – Chuck’s Gmail account

Chucks gmail account
Source: Yaheardmah

7 – Chucky Norris

Chukky Norris Memes
Source: memedroid

8 – Death Note

Death Note
Source: Unilion

9 – Its Flush by itself

doesnt flush the toilet

10 – Chuck Norris’s Bear Carpet

grizzly bear carpet in room
Source: walkerboy5566

11 – The difference between beat and defeat

Guys beat their meat
Source: memedroid

12 – Chuck Norris was here…

how to tie knot
Source: pinterest

13 – Kids these days will never understand

Kids these days will never understand
Source: French_Eater

14 – Death once had a…

near chuck norris experience
Source: walkerboy5566

15 – Chuck’s pizza slicer

16 – The early years

The early years
Source: pop43379

17 – Flat Earthers need to hear this one.

When he does a push up
Source: knowyourmeme

18 – Poker Champ

Won world series of poker
Source: Anakin111

19 – When he dials the wrong number

you picked up the wrong phone
Source: walkerboy5566

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20 – It was prank

You will die in seven days
Source: roxas09

21 – His mobile be like…

Chuck norris mobile
Source: imgur

22 – Rides a unicycle.

rides a unicycle
Source: walkerboy5566

23 – Chuck Norris Factoids

24 – Chuck Norris Factoids 2

Chuck norris as a child - chuck norris memes
Source: azone987


Coincidence - chuck norris memes
Source: Osusti


Chuck norris as a child - chuck norris memes
Source: azone987


Chuck norris as a child - chuck norris memes
Source: azone987


Chuck norris as a child - chuck norris memes
Source: azone987


Chuck norris as a child - chuck norris memes
Source: Wendz


chuck norris facts 2
Source: The_Harper

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