25 “Close Enough” Memes For Those Who Almost Made It

Here are the best of “Close Enough Meme” that’ll surely make you laugh

Close enough memes are used to convey mild satisfaction towards the outcome of a situation, despite not being the desired outcome.

Close enough memes are often used in response to something that is not what you wanted, but it is close enough. This can be seen when someone asks for a specific food and gets something different instead but still you say

Close Enough
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1 – Listening to some apple music

Apple music
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2 – So close yet so far

Balancing girls
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3 – Very close!

Car rearview mirror
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4 – Untie

Tie meme
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5 – Perfect match

Chicken leg
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6 – Very Very Close

7 – Disappointedly Close!

Disappointed close enough meme
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8 – ET

ET close enough meme
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9 – I can see infinity sign

Girls doin gymnastics
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10 – Banana Enough

Goku hair meme

11 – Enough is enough

Hanging bat
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12 – Its puzzling

Horse puzzle
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13 – How to sit at a computer correctly

How to sit on computer
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14 – Doguar

Jaguar logo
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15 – Owlsome

owl and apple close enough
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16 -If Rock was a Cat

17 – The closest thing I’ve ever seen

18 – Simba moment

Simba close enough meme
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19 – Teacher enough

20 – Not even close

Tent set up meme
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Tell my kids - close enough
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Zebra close enough
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