25 Comical “Breaking Rules” Memes That Shows No Respect For The Authority

You can’t stop laughing at these funny Rule Breaking Memes about people breaking rules left, right & center

There’s a very famous saying “Rules are meant for everybody and are applied equally to all”. No one is above the rules and disobeying them leads to punishment but this doesn’t apply some people. Some people don’t care about the rules, some people live by the famous quote “Rules are meant to be broken” and then there are some humorous people who make fun of rules.

Chameleon Memes have made list of funny Rule Breaking Memes that’ll leave you in splits.

1 – Even a tree doesn’t care about the rules

Tree also break rules  - breaking rules
Source: dopl3r

2 – The least followed rule in the whole world

The least followed rule ever  - breaking rules
Source: memedroid

3 – When you want to achieve greatness

Sometimes you have to break the rules to do something great  - breaking rules
Source: knowyourmeme

4 – Rule breaking at is finest

Plot twist toilet paper
Source: ifunny

5 -Okay, but taking a photo of this is fine

please no photos or recording
Source: imgur

6 – Rebels be like…

Please keep off the grass  - breaking rules
Source: imgur

7 – Please do not sit here…

8 – Breaking rules like a boss

Please do not kick balls against fence
Source: imgflip

9 – Breaking rules in the wild

please do not go beyond this point  - breaking rules
Source: memedroid

10 – The weight of breaking rules lies on his shoulder

No standing on shoulders
Source: funnyjunk

11 – No photography, no smoking

No smoking no photography
Source: memesmonkey

12 – Now this confusing…

No smoking alcohol
Source: memedroid

13 – From today this is my territory

no pets allowed  - breaking rules
Source: imgur

14 – Keep Bins Away From Vents

Keep bins away from vents
Source: imgur


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15 – You are about to become a rebel in 3, 2, 1…

Ignore this sign
Source: memesmonkey

16 – First Rule of the Fight Club is dont talk about the Fight Club

Fight clib broken rule 1  - breaking rules
Source: imgur

17 – Rule Blader

Do not use blade to open
Source: reddit

18 – Okay Ill keep my foot then

Do not put your feet on the handle  - breaking rules
Source: ifunny

19 – Breaking the law like a bird

Breaking the law like a bird  - breaking rules
Source: imgflip

20 – Best Tag Ever

Best tag ever - breaking rules
Source: imgur




When the sign says no
Source: ogbenjamin


Nobody tells me what to do
Source: dogepadre0717


No dogs please

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