30 “Dating Memes” That Shows The Struggle Is Real

Dating memes are here to make life a bit easier by making you laugh!

Dating Memes are here to show the struggle is real….If you’ve been single for a long time or you’ve just broken up, you know the struggles of getting back to the dating world.

People might say that in todays world dating is a bit easier with dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. But as far as dating is concerned, it can be really tricky…from overanalyzing your crush’s text messages to stalking your crush on social media or starting a conversation. However tricky it maybe one thing is certain, there is always a funny dating memes that perfectly describes the struggles.

We can’t assure you that these dating memes will help you with your dating ambitions but we can guarantee you that these dating memes will make laugh and will also help you realize that you’re not the only one who’s struggling.

Dating is challenging any day…sometimes the best way to get back into the dating world is to laugh at others struggles…

1 – Dating over 45 be like

2 – When someone asks you “How was your date?”

how was your date
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3 – How I flirt

4 – That awkward face you make…

5 – How to increase bank balance

6 – Me opening up to someone

Me opening up to someone
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7 – How I show up on a date

8 – First dates be like…

On the first date when he says
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9 – The plenty of fishes in the sea be like…

Pleanty of fish in the sea
Source: Reditt

10 – How is dating defined

Dating is collecting informations about someone
Source: Crittathelion

11 – Some girls dating habits be like

12 – Some dudes on dates be like…

13 – When my family asks me about my love life

When my family ask me about my love life
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14 – When you think something is fishy

When she's sexy cool and single
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15 – When someone gives you a really nice compliment


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16 – When you crush call you baby

17 – When you are met with disappointment

18 – When you miss him but you gotta stay strong

19 – When you first met her and wonder why she single

20 – The face you make when…

21 – When she gives you signs…

when you take her to the club
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22 – There are 2 types of boyfriend

There are 2 types of boyfriend
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23 – When it all becomes a game

24 – This looks like a real date

25 – When someone asks “Why are you still dating her?”



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