25 Fascinating “Did You Know Memes” That Will Shake You Up

Its time for some midweek nonsense. “Did You Know Memes” are here to finally take you away from the facts

Did You Know Memes is blatantly false or exaggerated factoids, in an attempt to troll unsuspecting readers into believing absolutely nonsense. Please note all these memes are false and untrue. These funny memes are exactly the opposite of “Did You Know?” facts.

If you’re looking for some random nonsensical stuff in the middle of the week then you have come to the right place. These Did You Know Memes will blow your mind with laughter.

1 – I wish I was born before 1687

Before gravity people could fly
Source: Reditt

2 – Looks like tedious task

Before water was invented people had to carry their boats around
Source: iFunny

3 – Yes, I knew that one

Did you know if you cut your hair short it becomes shorter
Source: Dopl3r

4 – Interesting fact about pringles

Did you know pringles are called pringles because someone named them pringles
Source: Me.Me

5 – Another ground breaking fact

Did you know the Symbol M in McDonalds Represents the first letter of McDonalds which is M
Source: Memedroid

6 – Yes they ‘ve shown this in the movie In To The Blue

Did you know there are more planes in ocean than sky
Source: Twitter

7 – Amusing!

Did you know what 59 did when he got hungry
Source: Imgflip

8 – Yes I did once in my previous lifetime

did you know you can drink lava but only once
Source: Me.Me

9 – This is a Universal fact

did you know you were born on your birthday
Source: SayingImages

10 – That’s why I stay away from Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate makes your clothes shrink
Source: LoveThisPic

11 – That is why I drink Vodka everyday

did you know 2-3 vodkas a day can reduce the risk of giving shit
Source: Me.Me

12 – I sea!

If the human eyes was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixel
Source: Pintrest

13 – Try this

If you kiss yourself in the mirror
Source: Imgflip

14 – Fact About Interstellar Finally Reveled

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15 – No, I didn’t knew this as I was not even born. Thank God!

On April 1954 nothing happened
Source: MemesFunny

16 – Okay, now I know

17 – Titanic Fun Fact

The pool in titanic is still filled with water
Source: Pintrest

18 – Drink Water Y’all

This is what happened when you dont drink water
Source: Imgflip

19 – Sometimes it smells like garbage

Wrapping your leg in cabbage makes your leg smell like cabbage
Source: Memedroid

20 – One shot, one opportunity


cdonalds - did you know memes
Source: davergne



cutting hair - did you know memes
Source: u/outlawcobra


Bob the builder - did you know memes
Source: XKRAY


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