55 Disney Jokes That Will Leave You Laughing Like Donald Duck

Enjoy the Magic with These Disney Jokes Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Disney, the name itself brings to mind cherished childhood memories, enchanting tales, and unforgettable characters. The magical world created by Walt Disney has captured the hearts of millions around the globe for decades. While Disney is renowned for its captivating stories and breathtaking animation, it also knows how to tickle our funny bones with a sprinkle of wit and humor. Disney jokes have become an integral part of the entertainment landscape, providing laughter and amusement to both young and old alike.

In the realm of Disney, humor is cleverly woven into the fabric of storytelling. From beloved classics like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to modern masterpieces like “Frozen,” Disney Jokes are replete with witty one-liners, puns, and comical situations that elicit laughter throughout the entire family. These Disney jokes serve as the perfect balance to the emotional rollercoaster of the narratives, giving audiences a momentary reprieve from the intense scenes or heartwarming moments.

Disney jokes continue to transcend time, bringing smiles to the faces of people from all walks of life. Whether it’s a lighthearted exchange between friends or a quip during a family movie night, these Disney jokes provide a delightful escape into a world where imagination reigns supreme. Disney has mastered the art of infusing humor into its storytelling, and it is this unique blend of magic and laughter that has made Disney jokes an enduring and cherished part of popular culture.

So the next time you find yourself immersed in the enchanting world of Disney Jokes, keep an ear out for those witty remarks and clever punchlines. Disney jokes are like hidden gems waiting to be discovered, adding an extra layer of joy and laughter to the already magical experience. From the classic Disney films to the latest releases, let the whimsical humor of Disney Jokes transport you to a place where dreams come true and laughter is the key to everlasting happiness.

Get ready to laugh out loud with these Disney jokes that will leave you laughing like Donald Duck

Disney Jokes

1- Which knee is Mickey’s favorite knee?

2- Q. What does Pooh Bear call his girl friend?
A. Hunny!

3- Q. What did Nala say to Simba during the stampede?
A. Move fasta (Mufasa)

4- What font does the mermaid use for writing?
A. Ariel.

5- What kind of car does Luke Skywalker drive?
A Toy-Yoda.

6- What Disney movie can a deer watch over and over again?
A. Fawn-tasia.

7- Q. Why is Peter Pan flying all the time?
A. He Neverlands!

8- Why is Gaston the most peaceful Disney villain?
A. Because he won the No-Belle Prize.

9- Q. What does the rapper Lil Jon say when he visits Disneyland?
A. Turn down for Walt!

10- Why does Snow White hate twitter?
A. She only has 7 followers.

11- What did Snow White call her chicken?
A. Egg White.

12- I saw a giant mouse so I tried to hit it. I now have a lifetime ban from Disneyland.

13- Q. What is Captain Jack Sparrow’s favorite restaurant?
A. Arrrgh-by’s.

14- Q. What did Captain Hook’s sidekick say to Adele?
A. Hello, it’s Smee!

15- Q. What does Buzz Lightyear like to read?
A. Comet books!

16- You know why did Ariel’s boyfriend break up with her?
A. Because she was selfish lover.

17- Disney finally released Yoda’s last name. His full name is:
A. Yoda Lay-Heehoo

18- Q. What does Mickey use to browse the web?
A. An iPad Minnie.

19- Which Disney princess is the funniest?
A. Ra-pun-zel.

20- The next Pirates of the Caribbean movie will have more violence in it. I guess it will be rated “Arrr..”

21- Q. Which Disney princess would make the best judge?
A. Snow White, because she’s the fairest of them all!

22- Why did Mickey want to become an astronaut?
A. So, he could see Pluto.

Disney Jokes - FG

23- What would you call Hercules if he was scientist?
A. Molecules.

24- Why can’t Dalmatians hide?
A. Because they are always spotted.

25- Q. How cold was it at Disney World?
A. Donald Duck was wearing pants!

26- Q. What is Tarzan’s favorite Christmas Carol?
A. Jungle Bells.

27- In movies when people go underwater, I hold my breath to see if I would survive. I died at Finding Nemo.

28- What happened the first time Mickey and Minnie saw each other?
A. It was glove at first sight.

29- Q. How does the ocean greet Ariel with a “Hello”?
A. By waving

30- Why did Goofy stare at the label on the orange juice all day?
A. Because the carton said “concentrate”.

31- Why did Elsa’s credit card get rejected?
A. He accounts were frozen.

32- How does Mickey feel when Minnie is angry at him?
A. Mice-rable.

33- Q. What Disney character can count the highest?
A. Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond.

34- What’s a bee’s favorite Disney movie?
A. Beauty And The Bees.

35- What is Hercules’ least favorite car?
A. Mers–Hades.

36- Why did Sleepy lie next to the fireplace?
A. He wanted to sleep like a log.

37- Q. Where can you find a little mermaid?
A. Under the sea!

38- How do you ask Scar to stop being so mean?
A. Be a bit more Simbathetic.

39- Q. What sport is Mickey Mouse’s favorite?
A. Minnie golf

40- Which fairy says no to showers?
A. Stink-erbel.

41- Why did Mickey Mouse get hit with a snowball?
A. Because Donald Duck-ed.

42- What does Mickey’s wife drive?
A. Minnie Cooper.

43- Guess which restaurant is Peter Pan’s favorite?
A. Wendy’s.

44- Q. Is BB hungry?
A. No, BB-8!

45- What does Aladdin say when he sneezes?
A. Ahhh-bu.

46- What does Peter Parker tell people he does for a living?

A. Web designer.

47- What’s Olaf’s favorite food?
A. Iceberger.

48- Why did Goofy wear two pairs of pants when he played golf?

A. He heard he might get a hole-in-one.

49- Guess what you get if you cross Donald with whale?
A. Moby Duck.

50- Why does Alice ask so many questions?

A. Because she’s in Wonderland.

51- What do you call an elephant that flies?

52- What’s a pirate’s favorite Disney movie?
Booty and the Beast.

53- How did Minnie save Mickey from drowning?
With mouse-to-mouse resuscitation!

54- What kind of car does Mickey Mouse’s wife drive?
A Minnie-van!

55-What does Winnie the Pooh call his girlfriend?


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