25 Funny Genius Memes: A Tribute To The Unfamous Geniuses

“What A Genius” A collection of funny genius memes that’ll make you laugh uncontrollably

We all know that Einstein was a genius and his intelligence is unquestionable. But he wasn’t the only one. There are other geniuses in this world who also have their own specialties and areas of expertise.

This article is about people who might not be as famous as Einstein, but their contributions to the world are just as important. Here are some genius memes brought to you by real life geniuses!

1 – Never mess with an angry husband

Angry husband fills wifes car with concrete - Genius Memes
Source: reddit

2 – I was today years old when I learned how to use the vegetable board

Cutting board
Source: pinterest

3 – Genius way to burn calories

How to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes - Genius Memes
Source: salh_gg

4 – Try this!

Huge argument with a friend
Source: Vuk_Silni

5 – When you’re aware about all the openings

I have 3 openings - Genius Memes
Source: msalaar_

6 – How to receive your salary faster

7 – When situation is under control

8 – Nothing!

Nothing can be faster than speed of light
Source: Questioner1OO1

9 – Pissed of IT guy

pissed off IT guy - Genius Memes
Source: reddit

10 – Say my name

11 – Genius way to kill 100% germs

Soap companies - Genius Memes
Source: reddit

12 – Technically its correct

Teacher vs Student Match the column
Source: pinterest

13 – Time to fight back

Tired of people walking all over me
Source: ifunny

14 – What rhymes with orange.

What rhymes with orange - Genius Memes
Source: ebaumsworld

15 – Genius kid

what's the first thing you need to milk a cow
Source: C_T_N

16 – Fact about erasers

When you realize your eraser slowly dies because of your mistakes - Genius Memes
Source: Prowood02

17 – Its a game of chess

who played queen to G7
Source: EB-OP

18 – A genius reply

why is there a cayote on the bus - Genius Memes
Source: LeemonDyk

19 – Correct

Write a number
Source: OMNIGohan

20 – How to breathe under water

You cant breathe under water - Genius Memes
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Five words - Funny Genius Memes
Source: Mireska


Im a genie - Funny Genius Memes


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