30 Funny Test Answers That Deserve An A+ For Humor

Here Are Academically Incorrect and funny Test Answers That Deserves an A+ for Humor.

When you look back at your school days you remember all the sweet memories with your friends but you also remember that awful feeling of giving class tests. There were kids who used to study for hours & hours and used to get A+ in their class tests, for them it was a pleasant experience.

And then there were kids who were probably weren’t paying attention in class or didn’t study as hard as the kids who use to get A+, but these genius kids definitely wrote funny test answers that were academically incorrect which made their teachers think and probably laugh. These kids didn’t get an A+ for funny test answers they wrote but the definitely get an A+ for the Humor.

1 – Or

2 – Write an example of risk

3 – Are you listening Beyonce?

Why are there rings on Saturn
Source: redsingh

4 – Describing the Hero

Who is your hero
Source: teachstarter

5 – Described like a genius

what is meant by forgetting - funny test answers
Source: wehavekids

6 – This will make you head nod

What is love
Source: redsingh

7 – Correct.

8 – Nice try

what comes after 10 - funny test answers
Source: pinterest

9 – When you know what you have to do in future

What are the three things you want in the future
Source: redsingh

10 – Good One Peter

11 – How to change centimeters to meters

To change centimeters to meters
Source: redsingh

12 – True!

The first cell was probably
Source: redsingh

13 – May the force be with you

Strongest force on earth - funny test answers
Source: nextluxury

14 – Even the kids know it

Opposite words
Source: pinterest

15 – 3 states of matter defined accurately

16 – Greatest Answer Of ALL Time

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17 – This is what I mean when I say “Stop beating around the bush”

Lost in maze
Source: imgur

18 – The Names Frankie

19 – Math’s be like…

I can do math's
Source: knowyourmeme

20 – When the kid is a Lion King fan

21 – Indeed!

give an example of hard ice
Source: redsingh

22 – This kid has finally found “X”

Find x - funny test answers
Source: redsingh

23 – Described in one word

Describe school
Source: ranker

24 – When Its Math’s Test

Bob has diabetes
Source: nextluxury

25 – All about my mom

26 – Very Cleaver!

Five words you can spell - funny test answers
Source: teachstarter


favorite hue- funny test answers
Source: JoeJames21


plant cell- funny test answers
Source: JoeJames21


say and write- funny test answers
Source: JoeJames21


Scientsts believe that- funny test answers
Source: JoeJames21

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