20 Funny Wildlife Photos for a Light-hearted Nature Escape

Chuckles from the Wild: A Side-Splitting Safari through 20 Funny Wildlife Photos from the ‘Crap Wildlife Photography’ Facebook Group

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s often refreshing to take a lighthearted escape into the world of nature. What better way to unwind and find joy than through a collection of funny wildlife photos that capture the whimsical side of our furry and feathered friends? From the spontaneous antics of mischievous mammals to the comical expressions of curious critters, these funny wildlife photos promise to tickle your funny bone and transport you to a realm of laughter amidst the great outdoors.

Curated from the entertaining realm of the Facebook group “Crap wildlife photography,” these funny wildlife photos are a testament to the unexpected hilarity that nature so effortlessly provides. Each photograph is a gem, capturing the essence of animal behavior in candid and amusing frames. The juxtaposition of quirky poses, playful gestures, and endearing expressions transports viewers to a realm where laughter is the language of the wild.

So, whether you’re seeking a break from the routine or a dose of lighthearted amusement, these funny wildlife photos promise an escape into the whimsical wonders of the great outdoors.

1. Ya know, I just wonder if this is all there is. Maybe there’s something more. I dunno.

2. A little frog joined us for dinner! Thank goodness I got a clear photo as proof

3. Behold, the majestic grizzly blur

Behold, the majestic grizzly blur - funny wildlife photos
Source: Timor Yale

4. Blurb bath.

Blurb bath. - funny wildlife photos
Source: Joe Myers

5. Crazy day at the bird feeder. And they’re related

6. Dam it penguin ases

Dam it penguin ases - funny wildlife photos
Source: Bazza Bushman

7. Deer in headlights

8. He’s now in jail for indecent exposure. In his defense, he was just trynna sell some watches…

He's now in jail for indecent exposure. In his defense, he was just trynna sell some watches... - funny wildlife photos
Source: Cathy MacDonald

9. I never knew that vulture’s heads were in the middle of their stomachs.

10. I swear he said portrait!!!

I swear he said portrait!!! - funny wildlife photos
Source: Karin Kilian

11. I was a bit quick to take the photo

I was a bit quick to take the photo - funny wildlife photos
Source: Les Hobbs

12. Jurassic Park 7

13. Nailed it.

Nailed it. - funny wildlife photos
Source: Tan Yong Lin


15. She said

She said - funny wildlife photos
Source: Val Walis

16. This is how a grackle takes your soul

17. Turns out, I don’t got this.

Turns out, I don’t got this. - funny wildlife photos
Source: Tom Torello

18. Why yes, that is a bear stealing a slice of pizza out of a trailer filled with garbage.

19. Winged it

Winged it - funny wildlife photos
Source: Chloe Harvey

20. Pelican in paradise

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