30 Ginger Jokes That Will Leave You Red… with Laughter!

A Colorful Collection of Light-Hearted Ginger Jokes

Redheads have always been the subject of curiosity and good-natured ribbing, and what better way to embrace their unique charm than with a collection of 20 ginger jokes that are bound to tickle your funny bone? While humor should always be light-hearted and inclusive, these jokes celebrate the fiery-haired individuals in our lives with a hearty dose of laughter. So, if you’re ready to enjoy some lighthearted humor, let’s dive into this collection of ginger jokes that will leave you red… with laughter!

Ginger jokes have a unique way of blending playful teasing with appreciation for the distinctiveness that redheads bring to the world. The striking and fiery hair color often serves as a source of gentle teasing, and these ginger jokes are designed to celebrate this characteristic with affection. Whether you’re a redhead yourself or you know someone who is, these jokes are meant to spread smiles

Now, let’s get to the fun part! Here are 20 ginger jokes that’ll have you chuckling, giggling, and maybe even seeing red with laughter. So, grab your sense of humor and join us as we explore the humorous side of the ginger community. But before we jump into the ginger jokes, let’s not forget to appreciate the diversity of humor by acknowledging that jokes come in all shades, just like hair. In that spirit, here’s a bonus: a couple of blonde jokes to complement the fun!

1- What do you call a redheaded ninja?

2- What disease do redheads get if they don’t take good care of their teeth?

3- Why was the ginger guy so eager to join the military?
He needed a good excuse to shave his head!

4- What’s the difference between a brick and a ginger?
A brick gets laid

5- What do you call a red-haired baker?
The ginger bread man

6- What’s a ginger’s favorite nursery rhyme?
“Red Riding Hood!”

7- What’s the difference between a ginger and a shoe?
The shoe has a sole.

8- What’s shorter than an asian’s d#ck?
A Ginger’s temper.

9- The police caught a serial killer who targeted gingers.
At his trial, he kept insisting he’d never harmed a soul.

10- They had a Ginger Lives Matter protest today
There was not a soul.

11- What do you call it when a redhead eats a carrot?

12- How do gingers cool down in the summer?
They stand next to the shade!

13- What do you call a blowjob from a ginger?

14- If you’re dating a blonde, raise your hands! If you’re dating a ginger, raise your standards!

15- Alright… I’m not saying, that gingers don’t have a soul.
I’m just saying… The dementors never went for ron weasley.

16- Why don’t gingers ever get lost?
Because they always stand out!

17- What do you call it when a redhead goes nuts?
A ginger snap.

18- The next time you make fun of a ginger, put yourself in their shoes.
You’ll know how bad it hurts to not have a sole.

19- What did one ginger say to the other?
“We’re a rare breed!”

20- What do you get when two redheaded rappers start dissing each other?
Ginger beef.

21- It takes zero ginger people to change the light bulb because ginger heads prefer to stay in the dark.

22- What has the letters N , I , G , E and R that can be used to describe people of a certain color? Ginger.


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23- Whats the difference between a ginger and a calender?
The calender has dates.

24- How do you get a ginger into an argument?
Say something to them.

25- If you’re not dating a redhead, raise your hand. If you are, raise your standards.

26- What do you call fat ginger?
Fed Sheeran!

27- Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
A Ginger.
Go away!

28- What do you do when someone tells you a secret and says “Don’t tell a soul”?
Tell a ginger

29- Why do redheads love living on Mars?
Because they finally feel like they belong.

30- What do gingers miss most about a great party?
The invitation.

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