25 Hilarious Stoner Memes That Will Make Everyone Cough Up A Lung

Up in Smoke: A Collection of Hilarious Stoner Memes for the Cannabis Connoisseur

What does hilarious stoner meme do to you? Does it make you laugh out loud? Or does it cause you to crack a smile, or even a full blown belly laugh? Well, now you’ll find out. If you’re looking for some Hilarious Stoner Memes that will make everyone cough up a lung then look no further!

If you’ve ever been stoned, you know the feeling is something like a drug. It’s a sensation that makes you feel great, but only in the moment. If you were to seek an analogy to describe this feeling, it’d be similar to trying to explain why the internet feels so good when it works. Anyway, we post lots of hilarious stoner memes of this nature to everyone who likes to use Marijuana quite frequently.

The following are Hilarious Stoner Memes for all ages now because weed is such a special thing that most people have fun with it from time to time!

1 – A Good Time

a good time
Source: Stoner Memes

2 – The highest combination

are you going to smoke weed all day
Source: Stoner Memes

3 – The older I get the more I realize this…

Being at home with a blunt
Source: Stoner Memes

4 – When you’re high AF

Cant follow the conversation
Source: Stoner Memes

5 – Busted!

caught two kids smoking pot
Source: Stoner Memes

6 – How to deal with hangovers

Hangovers are gods way of saying
Source: Stoner Memes

7 – Brain after a hit

if we cant see air do fish see water
Source: Stoner Memes

8 – Smoking alone be like…

Its my hit again
Source: Stoner Memes

9 – A trip to the galaxy

looking at stars
Source: Stoner Memes

10 – Baked AF

me baked asf
Source: Stoner Memes

11 – Time to level up

now what should we do
Source: Stoner Memes

12 – Potheads be like…

Potheads will tell you they function better
Source: Stoner Memes

13 – When you’re high AF and order pizza

Ordered extra crust instead of extra cheese
Source: Stoner Memes

14 – When high AF and get paranoid about things

Requim for a dream shit
Source: Stoner Memes


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15 – What my bag sees

What my bag of weed sees
Source: Stoner Memes

16 – When the edible kicks in

when the edible kicks in
Source: Stoner Memes

17 – She is a keeper

When you ask if she smokes
Source: Stoner Memes

18 – When brain tells you a joke.

When youre high af and yo brain tell you joke
Source: Stoner Memes

19 – When you smoke in your room

Which Iguana
Source: Stoner Memes

20 – WYD?

Wyd after smoking this
Source: Stoner Memes


Im so full - Hilarious Stoner Memes
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When you tap your pockets - Hilarious Stoner Memes
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Electicity bill so high - Hilarious Stoner Memes
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These edibles - Hilarious Stoner Memes
Source: Woz8005


Stoners be like - Hilarious Stoner Memes
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