25 Terrifying Images That Show What Its Really Like To Be A Parent

Here are just a few of the most terrifying images that show what it’s really like to be a parent.

Any parent will tell you that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. And they’re not wrong. It’s a 24/7 job that comes with a lot of responsibility and very little sleep. Not to mention, the constant worry that you’re screwing up your child – or that they’re about to screw up your life.

And, unfortunately, it’s the kind of terror that comes with some pretty horrifying images. It’s no wonder that parents often turn to memes or images to express how they’re really feeling. And some of these images are so accurate, they’re downright terrifying. So if you’re not a parent yet, beware. These memes might just change your mind about having kids.

1 – When your kid bring his friend in your bedroom

bring in horse in the bedroom
Source: Chillosophy

2 – He said “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

broken eggs
Source: thepoke

3 – When your kids find your one hole paper punch

Clipping leaves
Source: Chillosophy

4 – Its all about socks

clothes on couch
Source: Chillosophy

5 – When you forget to hide your laptop

coloured laptop
Source: Chillosophy

6 – An Artist

coloured the whole room
Source: Chillosophy

7 – That moment of regret when you realize you could have used these $20 to buy protection

cutting money
Source: Chillosophy

8 – Come on the dance flour

Dance Flour
Source: Chillosophy

9 – He said they all taste the same

half eaten apples
Source: Chillosophy

10 – When you’re about to leave for office and see this

I love my dad
Source: thepoke

11 – When the foam monster gets your child

kid in tub
Source: thepoke

12 – Random Throw ups be like

kid vomitting
Source: Chillosophy

13 – Tantrums at restaurant

kids at restaurants be like
Source: Chillosophy

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14 – Looks like this kid is going to be graphic designer

mac destroyed
Source: Chillosophy

15 – What a mess

makng a mess of the room
Source: Chillosophy

16 – The TV is now unfixed

painting the tv
Source: thepoke

17 – Laughing until you pee your pants

Peeing on dad
Source: pinterest

18 – Sleeping with your kid be like

sleeping on your face
Source: Chillosophy

19 – When go to the bathroom for a bath and see this…

Toilet paper in tub
Source: Chillosophy

20 – A tattoo artist in the making

writing on dog
Source: thepoke

21 – When you leave your kid alone with your car

Writings on car
Source: pinterest


Lego pieces
Source: Trizzzsms


This is what is hapiness
Source: Pintrest


Trying to go to the bathroom
Source: Morganmhigdon


To the sewer
Source: exequtor

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