Inject These Top 20 Tequila Memes Into Your Blood Streams

Tequila memes are here to set your weekend mood on fire

Tequila memes are here to set your weekend mood on fire

Its a Saturday night…Pull up your jeans & get ready for Tequila memes. These tequila memes are for the party Supremes. If you have the party genes here are your tequila memes….


One Tequila Shot…Feels Good
Two Tequila Shots…You Feel Tipsy
Three Tequila Shots…You Start Hurling Abuses
Four Tequila Shots…Nobody Knows…Nobody Cares

What’s a party without a Tequila. Tequila is what every party demands for fun. A party only has a beginning when the tequila shots are poured. If you are having a party tonight, it’s time to set the mood first with these hilarious and fun tequila memes.

1 – The Face You Make After The First Tequila Shot

First Tequila shot - Tequila Memes
Source: Me.Me

2 – That a lot of Tequilas

3 – Easy & Effective Recipe

follow me for more recipes - Tequila Memes
Source: Memes

4 – This is here it begins

give me a tequila shot too - Tequila Memes

5 – Nobody will ever know…

do you know what happens after 6 tequila shots - Tequila Memes
Source: Pintrest

6 – Just erase all the bad memories

don't just rease bad memories - Tequila Memes
Source: Me.Me

7 – Connection is lost due to extreme Tequila conditions

8 – Photobomb Level…Tequila

Photo bomb level... - Tequila Memes
Source: Imgflip

9 – Convinced!

10 – What I See…

when I see pasing a mirror after 9th shot - Tequila Memes
Source: Ahseeit

11 – Tequila tournament ends here..

12 – Somebody call and Ambulance…

13 – Works just fine…at least for the night

This is how tequila works meme - Tequila Memes
Source: Dopl3r

14 – Bound to happen…


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15 – Lets just crash here for a while…

Ill take you to a place
Source: 9Gag

16. Are you drinking again?

Are you drinking again
Source: Edgelord90000

17. me ordering tequila shots

Me ordering tequila shots
Source: Wr3m3M3m3d

18. Anything for Tequila

Sit pretty
Source: Nic..S.Hvac

19. That Moment…

That moment when
Source: Ma1w

20. Absolutely Nobody

You culd whoop
Source: u/benk1988

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