Top 25 Introvert Memes That Every Introverted Soul Will Relate To

A compilation of introvert memes to poke fun at an introvert’s day-to-day struggles.

A compilation of introvert memes to poke fun at an introvert’s day-to-day struggles.

An introvert is someone who is often considered as a quiet, reserved & thoughtful individual. They usually don’t seek out special attention and they usually prefer calm and quiet environments. Where as extroverts prefer social interactions and usually they are outspoken and outgoing.

So, if you consider yourself an introvert, Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of hand picked 15 funny introvert memes that are as relevant to the subject as they’re entertaining.

It doesn’t matter if you are and introvert or an extrovert these funny memes are sure to give a good laugh. These introvert memes are highly relatable or maybe slightly over-exaggerated introvert humor.

But hey, these introvert memes are a lighthearted way to remind yourself that you aren’t alone, and that there are others introverts out there too who feel the same way as you.

1 – How Introverts Open Up To Someone

2 – The Boy Who Looked.

me taking one last look before leaving the party introvert memes
Source: unkleaboki

3 -Why Did I Say Yes…

when nobody cancels the plan meme
Source: Piximus

4 – How introverts reads messages

5 – Regret!

saying yes to the party that I didn't wanted to attend meme
Source: Twitter

6 – How do introverts call waiter

7 – The only excuse that works

8 – Time to short dance off

when the plan cancels
Source: Runt Of The Wen

9 – When the introvert finally decides to come out of the room

look who's come out of room meme
Source: The Rockle

10 – Let go man! My bed is waiting for me

Introvert memes for ordering food
Source: Nedhardy

11 – Introvert Preparing To Ask The Waiter For Extra Ketchup

12 – Introverts preparing before every call…

Introverts preparing to make a phone call meme
Source: Nehardy

13 – POV of my neighbors

Source: Izismile

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14 – Lets start with the introductions

15 – Introvert Memes are funny but painfull

16 – Sigh of relief for introverts

Source: Memezilla

17 – When she finally says yes and you don’t know what to do next

18 – Yay! This Calls For Celebration

when you call someone and they dont answer meme
Source: Demilked

19 – Hey Man! Don’t Leave Me Alone here

when you are at a party and you know only one person meme
Source: Bored Panda

20 – All Introverts Will Agree. The Ones Who Disagree Are Extroverts


The Uber driver who did not talk - Introvert Memes


me opening up to someone - Introvert Memes


Group assignment - Introvert Memes


Wheres your favorite place to go - Introvert Memes


The perfect t-shirt - Introvert Memes

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