25 Best Italian Memes That’ll Make You Say “Mamma Mia”!

We’ve taken the time to curate a list of the best Italian memes that’ll make you say “mamma mia!”

Italy, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, exquisite cuisine, and passionate people, has also made a significant mark in the world of internet humor through a plethora of hilarious Italian memes. These delightful creations capture the essence of Italian life, blending the country’s iconic gestures, expressive language, and zest for living into bite-sized comedic gems. From gesticulating nonnas to cheeky pasta references, these Italian memes are not only a testament to the nation’s wit but also a source of amusement for meme enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned pasta lover or someone with a soft spot for Mediterranean charm, these Italian memes will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone. Prepare to be amused, entertained, and perhaps even inspired to adopt a few Italian gestures of your own – because when it comes to funny and endearing memes, Italy has certainly mastered the art of leaving a lasting impression.

Chameleon Memes has rounded up some of our favorite Italian memes for you to enjoy!

1 – CCTV’S in USA vs CCTV in UK

CCTV in USA and UK vs Italy - Italian Memes

2 – Protection in USA vs Protection in Italy

Condoms in America vs condoms in italy - Italian Memes

3 – Italian Nuclear Tests Be Like…

4 – Italian Breaking Bad

How Italian cook crystal meth - Italian Memes
Source: knowyourmeme

5 – How Italian cops leave parking tickets

How Italian cops leave parking ticket - Italian Memes

6 – Just Italian couple holding hands

How Italian couples hold hands - Italian Memes
Source: dailydot

7 – This is how Italian people applause

How Italian people applause - Italian Memes
Source: blog.imgur

8 – An Italian sleep

How do people sleep in italy - Italian Memes
Source: runt-of-the-web

9 – An Italian joint

How to smoke weed is pasta - Italian Memes

10 – How to arrest Italian people

11 – Kidnapping an Italian be like

How to kidnap an Italian - Italian Memes
Source: starecat

12 – A delicious army

PizzaArmy - Italian Memes

13 – Trees in Italy be like…

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14 – How do Italian…

15 – Italian navy

Italian Navy - Italian Memes
Source: reddit

16 – Pizzatropper

pizza paratroopers - Italian Memes

17 – Italian Wifi be like

Italian Wifi - Italian Memes
Source: reddit

18 – Normal vs Italian

19 – Language barrier

Petting a german dog - Italian Memes
Source: memedroid

20 – Copying Italian food

21 – Water in Italy

Water in Italy - Italian Memes
Source: memedroid





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