25 Hilarious Memes That Prove English Is The Funniest Language

English Is the Funniest Language: Hilarious Memes That Prove It

There’s no denying that English is a funny language. Just think about all the peculiarities that make it so unique – from its crazy spelling rules to its strange pronunciations.

But what makes English truly special is its vast and ever-growing vocabulary. Thanks to the internet, there’s now a huge range of English words and phrases that we can use to express ourselves.

And what better way to express ourselves than with memes? If you need a good laugh, then check out these hilarious memes that prove English is the funniest language!

1 – Shouldn’t Be?

2 – When you keep getting it wrong

English is a funny language
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3 – A completely acceptable sentence in english language

4 – How to ise “and” 5 times in a row grammatically

5 – I For One

6 – One of the most important word of the English language

7 – Hmmm…

8 – Jail & Prison are synonyms

jail and prison are synonyms
Source: Addicted2Groove

9 – What bothers me the most

10 – This Is Why English Language Is Funny

11 – Why?

12 – The past tense of William Shakespeare

13 – Fun Fact about the word Queue

14 – When the say “The other day”

15 – Just why?

16 – The strangest on the list

17 – Can anyone tell me why?

18 – Why is English soo weird

Yes english can be weird
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19 – You can but you can’t


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20 – Strange pronunciations


English is my first language - English Is The Funniest Language
Source: andymientears


Plural of mouse is mice - English Is The Funniest Language
Source: toodle


Horrible is bad - English Is The Funniest Language
Source: shamputurner


Evry c in pacific - English Is The Funniest Language
Source: Datakrys


Telling someone - English Is The Funniest Language
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