20 Badass Moments That Will Make You Say “Give That Man A Medal”

Unforgettable Acts of Heroism: Celebrating Remarkable Moments Worthy of Saying “Give That Man A Medal”

We all know that feeling when someone does something so funny, it deserves a medal. And thanks to the internet, we now have a way to celebrate those moments with Give That Man A Medal memes.

give that man a medal

These memes usually feature a picture of someone doing something impressive or funny, with the caption “Give that man a medal.” And they’re always sure to make us laugh.

So next time you see something worthy of a medal, be sure to share it with the world using a Give That Man A Medal meme!

1 – A special request

Can I make a special request
Source: memedroid

2 – What device is this?

free mammogram
Source: knowyourmeme

3 – Find this person and give him medal

Groot put your seatbelt on
Source: imgflip

4 – A hero we all deserve

5 – This Kid deserves 4 medals

In which battle did napoleon die
Source: memedroid

6 – Let us travel to the future and give this kid a medal

kid living in 3020

7 – They see me rolling

police roll up
Source: david43

8 – Drown in water drink beer

Saving beer
Source: OnlyIn

9 – This man doesn’t deserve a medal he deserves a trophy

This man deserves a medal
Source: 9gag

10 – Strollin away with a medal

Trollye cycle
Source: jhoncarter071

11 – True or False

True or false
Source: SamyXd06

12 – Covid times be liek…

13 – Why is a job better than a wife?

WHy is job better than a wife
Source: Mac2017

14 – Give That Boy A Medal!

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15 – Wooden fireplace



Hes a hero
Source: u/AmmarIB



The japanese guy
Source: u/Neo_Gunthet


Theres a new guy at work
Source: u/RSTashman

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