Nerd Memes: A Dive into the World of Geeky Humor

We’re not sure if these Nerd Memes are funny or creepy, but no one can resist a good laugh.

It’s tough being a genius. However, we believe that intelligence and wit go hand in hand. There are plenty of stereotypes about nerds. These include being antisocial and awkward, having little social skills and being obsessed with video games or other nerdy interests. This is why we have created this collection of nerd memes to make you smile, laugh and most importantly escape the stress at work. Chameleon Memes has the perfect recipe for some amazing nerd memes.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a ‘nerd’ or not, you will probably still get a kick out of these awesome nerd memes. So, without further ado, here are 15 of the best…

1 – Explain this

A roman walks into a bar
Source: scarletD3mon

2 – A pure nerd meme

casual de hyde
Source: scarletD3mon

3 – You are…

cute coffee pie
Source: scarletD3mon

4 – Never trust atoms…

Do not trust atoms
Source: scarletD3mon

5 – The division is clear

fine line between numerator and denominator
Source: scarletD3mon

6 – How good are you at PowerPoint?

how good are you at PowerPoint
Source: scarletD3mon

7 – When you get a tan

I have a tan
Source: scarletD3mon

8 – I just foiled your plan

I just foiled your plan
Source: scarletD3mon

9 – What a nerd sees when you spill water on your laptop

I spilled water all over my laptop
Source: scarletD3mon

10 – Nerdiest meme ever

Source: scarletD3mon

11 – A chemistry dat

Oxygen went on a date with potassium
Source: scarletD3mon

12 – A math meme

root beer in square cup
Source: scarletD3mon

13 – Shit just got real

shit just got real
Source: scarletD3mon

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14 – A Jurassic formula

Source: scarletD3mon

15 – Simple!

what do you do to a scientist
Source: scarletD3mon






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