Newton’s Laws of Comedy: 20 Science Humor Gems

A Dose of Science Humor: Where Science Meets Memes

Science and humor may seem like an unlikely pair, but when they come together, the result can be nothing short of hilarious. In the world of Funny Science, enthusiasts often share their wit and humor through memes that perfectly blend scientific knowledge with comedic flair. One treasure trove of such laughter-inducing content can be found in the Facebook group “Science Humor.” Here, science lovers unite to share and enjoy an array of side-splitting memes that celebrate the quirky and absurd aspects of the scientific world.

Within the Science Humor group, members have crafted a collection of memes that adhere to Newton’s Laws of Comedy, with each meme generating equal and opposite reactions of amusement. These funny science gems take everyday scientific concepts and transform them into sources of laughter, demonstrating that even complex theories can be made accessible and entertaining. Whether it’s poking fun at the periodic table, Einstein’s wild hair, or the mysteries of quantum mechanics, the group’s memes prove that Funny Science knows no bounds.

In the age of social media, platforms like Facebook have become breeding grounds for sharing funny memes. The Science Humor group serves as a vibrant hub for like-minded individuals to find humor in the wonders of the universe. With a focus on Funny Science Memes, this group offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, showcasing how humor can make even the most complex scientific ideas accessible and enjoyable to all.



Anything that is natural can be bad for you - Science Humor
Source: Nick LaDieu


Cursor vs precursor - Science Humor
Source: Ken Stewart



Everything youve ever needed - Science Humor
Source: Gunter Simon


How much room is needed for mushroom to grow - Science Humor
Source: Gunter Simon



Im getting old - Science Humor
Source: Roy Arne Nilsen



Last day of 2023 - Science Humor
Source: Artan Koka



Not a huge fan - Science Humor
Source: Glen Gray


Planting fake fossils - Science Humor
Source: Siddhu Msi

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Samue l jackson vs samuel r jackson - Science Humor
Source: David Schein


Tell schrodinger I survived - Science Humor
Source: David Stark



This flowr is called clitoria - Science Humor
Source: Vince Edwards



When the bremuda triangle stopped working - Science Humor
Source: Loner


Your missing sock is over here - Science Humor
Source: Cliff Pollard

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