30 “Not My Job” Moments That Shows The Heights Of Laziness

Here are times where people flipped their middle finger and just said “Not My Job”

In a world that demands precision and attention to detail, there are instances where individuals seem to throw caution to the wind, embodying the quintessential “Not My Job” mentality. These not my job moments, often characterized by a blatant disregard for the responsibilities at hand, showcase the heights of laziness that can be achieved in the realm of work and tasks. From haphazardly assembled products to poorly executed tasks, the “Not My Job” approach reflects a laissez-faire attitude that defies the principles of professionalism.

Some people think that it’s their job to go the extra mile at work or do something that makes a difference in the world. And then there are some people who think why go the extra mile at work when you can go home early and chill? Today’s post honors those individuals who flipped their middle finger and refused to do someone else’s job and just said “Not My Job”

1 – Its always the small pieces that spoil the big picture

A puzzle to solve
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2 – When you have fear of heights but also want a balcony

Balcony without window
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3 – When you Chalk Outline the coconut branch so you could investigate the crime scene later on …

Coconut tree fell meme
Source: memedroid

4 – When the paint is shitproof

Cow dung on the street
Source: funnyshit

5 – Legend has it that the hair and the note are still there

6 – When you have to limbo your way out

How to open the door now
Source: imgur

7 – Before getting painted the Cockroach tried to protect itself by throwing a high kick.

Landlord painted over a cockroach
Source: imgur

8 – When you bored of changing the mannequins clothes

Mannequin with t-shirt
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9 – Some people just want to create chaos

10 – This is the moment when I say “Stop Beating Around The Bush”

Missed the dried bush
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11 – I have become a Fan of the worker

Not  my job fan
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12 – And the award goes to…

not my job award goes to
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13 – When your bicycle gets a new paint job

Painted cycle
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14 – When someone tries to give your car racing stripe

Painted in red car

15 – It was the Rat thing to do

Painted on dead rat
Source: funnyshit

16 – When you ask then to paint the sidewalk

Painting the sidewalk
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17 – When its your job to build a Wooden fencing around the house but a car comes in the way

Plywood on parked car
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18 – This is created by someone who hates kids

19 – The Rock Wins

Rock under railing
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20 – “Whoever pulls out this shovel from this road will be the true king !”

shovel on road
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21 – When you water the street lamp daily

Street lamp through house roof
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22 – When you miss the spot

Tar mac in parking lot
Source: knowyourmeme

23 – What is behind your lips?

3rd floor meme
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24 – This elevator is to build sideways

25 – The pay me to build pipes not to move rocks


Fan and pillar - Not My Job
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ladder in well - Not My Job
Source: Omnijones777


lazy electrician - Not My Job
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