20 Ok Boomer Memes That Every Millennial & Gen Z Will Enjoy

Laughing Across Generations: Embracing the Humor of ‘Ok Boomer Memes’ for Millennials & Gen Z

“OK boomer” is a catchphrase and internet meme that has been used specially by Millennials and Gen Z to dismiss or mock attitudes typically associated with Boomers(people born roughly between 1946 and 1965).

The Ok Boomer Memes are a way for the younger generation to express their frustration with the older generation. They’re tired of being told that they’re entitled, that they don’t know anything, that they are snowflakes and that they’re the reason for all of society’s problems.

So, if you’re looking for a good laugh and a way to bond with the younger generation, then check out Ok Boomer Memes. You can also check out Gen X Memes, Millennial Memes and Gen Z Memes

Below, you’ll find the best of the best Ok Boomer Memes that will offend every Boomer. But trust us, they’ll be laughing too hard to be offended.

1 – A Smooth Millennial

A smooth millennial - ok boomer memes
Source: Source: joesellsdrugs

2 – Boomer Starter Pack

boomer starter pack - ok boomer memes
Source: bleaklyinduct

3 – You did it!

Changes TV input - ok boomer memes
Source: joesellsdrugs

4 – Boomer vs Millennials

Climate change - ok boomer memes
Source: Birdbath9k

5 – Ok Boomer

Do or do no there is no try - ok boomer memes
Source: slavicredneck

6 – Explains Ok Boomer To A Boomer

Explains ok boomer to boomer - ok boomer memes
Source: schizoidman

7 – Boomer vs Gen Z

8 – Gen Zs are snowflakes

Gen Z kids - ok boomer memes
Source: ItsCrusadeTimeBoys

9 – Gen Zs be like…

Gen Z looking for people to say Ok Boomer - ok boomer memes
Source: joesellsdrugs

10 – Alright Boomer

If youre nothing without the suit - ok boomer memes
Source: yellowoctopus

11 – How to trigger Boomer

Im not eaily triggered - ok boomer memes
Source: Nixorbo

12 – Boomers be like…

Im smart youre dumb - ok boomer memes
Source: schizoidman

13 – Gen Z vs Boomer

Lazy technology bad and sheltered - ok boomer memes
Source: TaylorP

14 – How to piss off a boomer

Millennial are overly sensitive snowflakes - ok boomer memes
Source: schizoidman


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15 – When Boomers say they are not offended by anything

We are not offended by anything - ok boomer memes
Source: schizoidman


I love democrasy - ok boomer memes
Source: u/M3MES69420


In 2085 - ok boomer memes


Ok boomer trend dies soon - ok boomer memes
Source: u/Yeossin



Wen you say ok boomer - ok boomer memes
Source: Merrial A.

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